by Marcia J.

We always did have a connection deeper than most
I guess that's why you call and text
You felt my heart releasing your pain
And my soul finding rest
I guess
You called to initiate conversation starting with "we haven't spoken in a while are you ok?"
Which would lead to me replying that I am ok today
And words spoken about rent and job woes
Which eventually flows
To your girl's insecurity
Her not wanting you to call me
"Who could blame her?" is what you ask me
I don't
Not when you call me baby
Telling me you miss "we"
Saying you love me
It's sad
You lie to us both
You don't love me and you don't love her
I am glad to have made it through my dark times and gone through my growth
I have
Grown to see through your bullshit
Grown out of the pain
Grown out of the chains
I am no longer subject to your tyrannical reign

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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