by Small Town Stud

upside, down-side, inside, outside
those are the ways i wanna get you when you come over to my side
i wanna get you right, hit it right
flip you, switch you and flick you right
my tongue has no off switch
tie me up and make me "the bitch"
say my  name, scream my name
louder and louder 'til "Daddy I came"
your juice is on my face
my strap is in that space
filling you
drilling you
makin your legs shake like cali
i rumble you
your pussy has my name
don't play, you'll lose at my game
cuz i'm daddy
i make the rules
you follow rules
all the while you fuckin my tool
makin it go in and out
and up and down
and round and round
'til i hear my favorite sound

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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