“Baby, I can explain.”
I was frozen until she stepped closer and touched my arm. Her touch brought me back to reality real quick and I leaned down so I could whisper in her ear.
“Listen to me, little girl. Stay the fuck away from me. I don’t wanna talk to you. I don’t even wanna be near you right now, Diani. I’m just gonna get my shit and leave. Don’t make me disrespect your mother’s house. I don’t wanna embarrass you, her, or myself so please, just let me leave. I’ll holla.”
That’s when I walked outside. She didn’t try to stop me because she knew I wasn’t lying about making a scene. Now, I’m sitting in my car, in the empty parking lot of an abandoned supermarket across the street from Diani’s mother’s building. Most of the buildings on this block are abandoned. In fact, her mother’s building is the only one with tenants so there isn’t much activity on this street at all. It’s a criminal’s dream and I hate coming out here. I’ve been sitting here for the last fifteen minutes, wondering what I should do and…Hol' phone is ringing.
"Why you still sitting in the parking lot?  I thought you left."
It was Diani.
"I was just sitting here thinking but I'm about to leave in a few minutes."
"Baby, I know you are mad.  I know you don't wanna see me but it's raining out there.  Come back in the house and dry off."
"Nah Dee, I'm good.  I'm already wet and I'll just get even wetter, coming back in the house."
"I'll come and get you, Baby.  My mother has umbrellas in here."
"Nah, I’m cool.  I'm about to leave, anyway."
"Shaun, you are not about to leave.  I've been watching you from this window for the last twenty minutes.  Your car is the only one sitting in that lot like a damn -- ugh!!  You make me so mad sometimes.  Stop being stubborn and come in the house."
"No! I gotta go.  I'm a holla."
Click! I hang the goddamn phone up.
Damn, I gotta figure out a way to get this girl out of my system.  She aint nothing but a damn liar. 
I lean the car seat back a little and close my eyes.  I feel the tears fall.  Damn, why she do me like she do?  Don't she know I'm a good nigga?  A good nigga who loves the shit outta her lyin ass!  She aint gon find nobody like me.
Tap!  Tap!
Who in the --?  I open my eyes to see this damn girl standing at my driver's side window.  "What are you doing out here?" I ask her through the glass.
"Open the damn door," she yells back.
I roll the window halfway down and ask, "What do you want?"
She reaches through the window for the lock, and says, “You better open this damn door."  She gets the door unlocked and starts to open it but I start pulling it back closed. “You mother—” She curses at me.
“Get off my door, Diani.” She drops the umbrella and uses both of her hands to pry the door open. I’m not expecting that and I lose my grip on the handle. I get out of the car and step up to her face. “What the fuck is your problem? I told you to leave me alone.”
She looks at me with disbelief in her eyes. “Why are you acting like that, Shaun? I came out here to take you back in the house so you could dry off and get warm and you treating me like I aint shit.”
I look at her. She is all wet with the rain pouring down her face. I look to my left and see the umbrella lying on the ground. I kneel down to pick it up but when I stand back up, she places her hand on my wrist and looks me in the eyes. Slowly, she slides her hand down my hand, knocking the umbrella back to the ground.
“We don’t need that. We’re already wet,” she says, still looking me in the eye.
I reach up to my face with my right hand, trying to wipe some of the water off my face. She is just staring at me. I look back at her. “We should get out of this rain before we get sick,” I say. I start to turn around so I can get back in my car but she grabs both of my wrists and turns me back around to face her. She smiles at me; a slow, pleading smile but I just look at her, cold as ice. She twists her body, side to side, like a small child; in turn, twisting mine since she is holding on to both of my wrists.
“Baaby,” she whines. “You don’t love me anymore?” She’s talking in a little girl voice and I know what she’s trying to do.
I roll my eyes and ignore her question. She takes a step closer to me. I don’t move. She releases one of my hands and touches my face. Still, I don’t say anything. When I feel her hand slowly start to slide up from my jaw to my cheek, I close my eyes. Then, she stands on her tippy toes so she can reach up and kiss me.
First, it’s a soft, sweet kiss…no tongue. Then, she wraps both of her arms around my neck and sticks her tongue in my mouth. I try to resist. I don’t wanna respond but when she starts sucking on my tongue, I lean down a little bit so I can grip the back of her thighs, right below her butt. When I stand up straight, I bring her with me. I pick her up with ease and she wraps her legs around my waist. She squeezes her body to me so tight, my kisses become eager. I’m kissing her so hard. She’s moaning in my mouth as she sucks on my tongue. I have both hands on her ass with my eyes closed, enjoying the intimate contact.
We’ve been kissing for a good ten minutes in the rain, already. Her braids are soaked and my throwback is clinging to me. Finally, she stops kissing me and leans back to look into my eyes. Only, she can’t see my eyes because I can’t open them. We’ve been kissing so long, they feel kinda stuck. After a little effort on my part, they slowly pop open but I feel dazed. My eyes are watery and tears start to fall as my vision clears up. As I begin to see clearly, I notice Diani is just holding my jaw and smiling at me.
“Baby, I love you so much. I don’t wanna lose you. I just wanna love you forever,” she says, still in my arms. She starts to slide her legs down my body so I can put her down. As soon as her feet touch the ground, she reaches for the bottom of her tank top and pulls it over her head.
“Diani, what are you doing?! Are you—” She reaches up and places a finger over my lips to shush me.
I stand there, incredulous, as she unsnaps her bra and lets it fall to the ground. As I look around to make sure we don’t have an audience, I think to myself, ‘This girl is crazy. She done lost her damn mind.’ But I do allow her to pull me around to the front of the car and close the driver’s side door. She pushes me back so that I’m leaning against the hood of the car. She looks me dead in the eye as she unbuckles my belt, as if she’s daring me to try to stop her. I smile to myself at how aggressive my BabiGirl is. She’s always tryna take control, like she run shit. I runs this!
But I give her her moment. I let her think she got this. After she unbuttons my jeans, she starts pushing my wife-beater up so she can kiss my stomach. I reach down and touch her cheek. My baby knows what she’s doing to me when she sticks her tongue into my belly button. God, that’s my spot! I lean back on the hood of my car, resting on my elbows. I look down at her as her kisses begin to drop lower and lower. I suck in my breath when she licks that crease that joins my hip and my stomach. Damn yo, she is hitting my spots. She really tryna do me in.
“Mmmm,” I moan when she runs her tongue down the crease to the side of my shit. I sneak my legs open a little bit more, he he, hoping that maybe her tongue will ‘accidentally’ slip in my snatch. Instead, she keeps licking that very sensitive crease and I’m getting antsy ‘cause that shit is really doing a number on me. She finishes unzipping my pants so she can pull them down all the way. I don’t tie my Timbs so it’s easy for me to step out of them when she takes my pants off. I don’t wear drawers either so I’m completely naked from the waist down, except for my Timbs, socks and my—.
“Hmmm?” I say.
“Stick your dick in my mouth.”
“Ahh, fuck. Why you so nasty, Dee?” I grab a hold of my six inch chocolate dick and rub it on her lips, side to side. There’s something about seeing my girl squatting in front of me, topless, with her legs wide open, in stilettos, waiting to suck my strap that gets my blood pumping. “Open your mouth,” I say in a voice so filled with desire that even I almost don’t recognize it. She does. And, slowly, I slide my shit inside. She looks up at me with those BabiGirl eyes as she licks up and down the side of my strap, showing me her tongue ring.
When she closes her eyes all slow and shit and starts moaning while she sucks my dick, my thighs start trembling. I watch her suck me for about five minutes. Damn, she sure makes that shit look good. She think she slick too. I almost don’t even notice when she moves the strap to the side and sticks her tongue in between my pussy lips. My whole body shudders when I feel her tongue flick my clit. I throw my head back and enjoy this oral penetration. I want her shit deep inside my pussy so I lift myself up on the hood a little so that I’m somewhat sitting/laying on the hood. I spread my legs wide and she wastes no time. She plunges her tongue deep into my hot ass pussy and that shit feels so good that I bite the hell outta my damn tongue. That shit brings me back to reality real quick.
I’m the muthafuckin stud! Don’t get it twisted. “Hol’up, Dee.” She stands up and I get down off the car. I take off my wife-beater and sports bra. She just stands there looking at me, biting her bottom lip and smiling. Then, she takes off her skirt. Now, we’re both standing there, booty-butt-naked, in the middle of the parking lot…in the rain. All I have on are some Timbs, some socks, and my strap. She just has on her stiletto pumps.
“Bend yo’ ass over,” I tell her. I see a little fear in her eyes as she turns to bend over the hood of my whip. “Spread them thighs, Baby. I wanna see that pussy from back here.” She opens her legs but I still can’t see. I reach out and I slowly open her pussy lips with my two thumbs. I squat behind her and ease my tongue as deep in her pussy as I possibly can. Damn, her shit is madd hot! Pussy is on fiyah! I pull my face back a little and then plunge my tongue in again.
I keep tongue fucking her and she starts to push back against my face. Her shit is madd wet now and my thumbs keep slipping. “Bend over and touch your toes,” I tell her. She does. I’m standing behind her, looking at her pretty pussy peeking out at me. Her lips are so smooth. My baby gets a full body wax and oh boy, is it worth it. I love a clean looking pussy. Mmmm mmm mmm, delicious!
“Daddi?” She calls.
“Yes, Baby?”
I look down and see her looking up at me from between her legs.
“Lemme see you stroke your dick.”
Yea, I know. My baby is nasty. I stand there, smiling down at her. She’s getting impatient. When she doesn’t get what she wants right away, she goes into brat mode. That’s when she starts whining in a little girl voice. That shit turns me on like fuck.
“Daddi, I wanna see you play with it,” she whines. So I start rubbing my dick.
She’s closest to the clothes so she goes in my side pocket and gets my lube.
“Here, Daddi. Put this on it.”
I do. Then, I kneel down behind her and eat her pussy from the back. She has one of those big clits that stick out between her lips when she gets horny so it’s madd easy to make her cum. I spend a few seconds circling her clit with my tongue. Then, I stick it back in her pussy. She loves when I do that.
“Ohhh, mmmmm. God, yeah. Fuck, Shaun. Oohh, yeah. Make me cum.”
I start flicking her clit faster. She’s still touching her toes but she’s tryna throw it back at me. I stick two fingers in her pussy hole and start sucking her clit. Her knees are shaking.
“Oh, fuck. I wanna cum.” She whimpers. “Please, I wanna cum. I wanna cum.”
I stroke my tongue a little higher and I’m licking her ass.
She almost loses her balance as she falls forward. I stand up behind her, lift her up by the waist with my right arm, and place her back over the hood of the car. She voluntarily holds her booty cheeks open as I dive my tongue back into her booty hole. I stick my fingers back in her twat ‘cause that shit is madd juicy. I love the sound of a wet pussy, yo. It makes my clit throb.
I smack her ass while I pop that pussy. I feel her knees shaking again.
“Nnnhhg,” she strains.
She’s starting to cum ‘cause her body is tensing now. I stick my tongue in her pussy one last time before I jump up behind her and shove my dick in her hole. I stick that shit all the way in, as hard as I can, in one push. Then, I start banging the shit outta her pussy. I love when she cums on my dick.
“Yea, Baby. Cum on Daddi’s Dick. Gimme that pussy juice,” I croon as I egg her on.
“Take it, Daddi. That’s your pussy. Ah, fuck. Yea…fuck my pussy,” she throws back. I keep pumping. “Do it faster. Do me harder,” she groans.
I lift my right leg up on the hood and grip both of her ass cheeks with my hands and fuck the shit outta her.
“Oh, God. Shaun! Ooh. Ooh…I’m cumming.”
“That’s it, Baby. Do that shit, Bae.”
“Yes! Shaun, yes! Oh my God!”
I stand behind her with my dick still all the way in her pussy, watching her body twitch as she cums on my strap. Then, her body goes limp. I ease out of her and try to turn her around. Her eyes are closed and her body’s heavy. She doesn’t wanna move so I whisper in her ear, “Baby, sit up a little bit.” She shifts her body weight so I can get her to lie down on her back, with her butt on the car. Her legs are dangling over the side and her arms are stretched out. Her eyes are still closed and she’s smiling a little. She looks peaceful but I’m ready for round two. I grab her behind the knees and push her legs up and open. She jumps up.
“Shaun, no! No more. Not yet. I can’t take no more. Just hold me.”
I look at her, all wet. It has stopped raining but we are both drenched. I’m about to sit on the car next to her when it dawns on me that we are still outside…booty-butt-naked, in a parking lot, across from her mother’s window.
Oh shit. “Baby, get up. Do you realize what we just did? What if your mother saw? Or one of your other family members. Get in the car.”
“Shaun, don’t worry. That window is in my mother’s room and the door is locked. No one can get in there but her.”
“Well, what if she saw , then?”
We both look at the window at the same time.
“Umm, Baby, did you close the shades before you came down here?”
We look back at the window.
“Okay, yea, we better get back in the car,” she agrees.
As we’re picking up our clothes to get back in the car, she asks me, “So does this mean you forgive me?”
I chuckle. “Do you think you can just throw me some good pussy and I’ll just forget what you did?”
“No, but I thought—”
She starts to speak but her voice breaks. Her eyes are dropping water and my heart cringes.
“C’mere,” I say as I pull her toward me and cradle her in my arms. “Diani, I love you with all of my heart. I’m not going anywhere but we do need to talk. You’re my angel, my gift from God, and it’s going to take a whole lot to break us up. I breathe for you. Do you know that?”
She just looks up at me, smiling through her tears. She reaches up and pecks me softly on the lips. Then, she takes my hand and pulls my arms tighter around her. Nuff said. I hold her close to me and close my eyes. I recline my seat back and sigh as I feel her hand drift to the inside of my thigh. Now, guess who’s ready for round two…

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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