by BabyGyrl

Am I foolish to want you with me
Some just tell me to let it be
I try and try to make you see
That there is no one else out there like me
No one more understanding than I
But She just keep passing this opportunity by
Its so much there I know I can see it in her eyes

Am I being foolish for thinking It could ever be
Or am I foolish to think she will pick me
Its just something about her I just canít leave
Her eyes, Her smile, Her style and grace
About the most beautiful thing that has ever walked in my space
Mentally I am so weak I want to just leave
but something keeps me here and says speak your peace
If indeed I am being foolish then let it be
All I can say is I tried and gave it my best
To give her more than the rest
Things that not even money can buy
If she would just give me a chance there are no lies
Sitting at this brick wall waiting for my Sweets brings tears to my eyes
Makes me want to throw up my hands and really say goodbye

My soul hungers for her and there is no denial
So yes Iíll be foolish for a bit while
Go through all this shit like Iím on trial
Maybe just maybe then sheíll see
That there is no one that adores her more than me

Am I being foolish well only time can tell
Of a future I did not want to know at all but knew it so well
So if its meant to be it will be
Iíll be here waiting patiently for her to be with me
Stay a while Sweets and get to really know me for me

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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