by PoeticPrincess

i cant get it off my mind
i cant get it off my mind
i cant get it off my mind

why cant i get it off my mind?!
or should i say f*ckstrated
because my hormones have been worked into a frenzy in my head
that has an uncontrollable desire and urge to be fed
like its testing me
and i am failing terribly
see....when i close my eyes
all i see are 2 bodies
you and me
lost in love----rather lust
cuz its been a while
so this is a must
and my heart has already given you trust
now my body wants to give you the wets
i mean the sweats
i mean the rest
damn.....u see where my head is
trying to get you to where my bed is
or maybe the balcony
i dont care who's watching me
dont be afraid to bend me over the railing
arch my back and send me
over the edge of ecstasy
dont be afraid to rule me
grab me by the hair and pull me
go ahead i'm bad you can spank my booty
i'm freaky like that baby do me
put your hands around my waist
spread my legs wide put me closer to your face
walk your fingers into my space
go ahead and sign what you want to do to me
or better yet braille read your way thru me
you know if you hit the right place
it wont be long til you get a taste
of my love coming down
then we can move inside for the next round
lets call it the next event
its only the beginning baby we're not yet spent
so lets go to the bathroom
no.......better in the kitchen
i'm hungry baby feed me that sh!t ive been missin'
as i have your ass spread eagle on the floor
laying you right next to the refrigerator door
let me make you a meal
or better yet lets see how dessert feels
when it's on the tip of my tongue
the tips of your nipples....yummm
loving the way they harden at the request between my fingers and thumb
they were already enticing before but irresistable with whipped cream on them
so you know what is coming now
no,...not you....not yet
but for me chocolate sauce goes good with your sweat
and even better drippin down your thighs
watch me work you baby dont close your eyes
as i make my tongue dance around your pearl
dip inside taste your sugar while your toes begin to curl
up to the sky then back down to earth
making that p*ssy contract like you're giving birth
it's alright baby i see you about to burst
come on my tongue beautiful let it drip cuz i thirst
but you know you have to spell my name 1st
now on to part 3
the rodeo party
i know you like when im on top running things
the best place to be for me
should you strap it on a chair
let me straddle you...yeah lets take it there
cup my ass while i make it bounce
i'll hold one you keep my other titty in your mouth
while you're sucking me
i'll be f*cking you
kiss me deep
before i turn around and get buck on you
im talkin that booty smackin
ass clappin
getting weak in the knees ankle grabbin
lickin, suckin, f*ckin
screaming no longer moanin
yellin your name like its the only word im knowing
not stopping like we know where we're goin
drippin wet
only half is sweat
cussin talking dirty just to see how nasty we can get
f*ck it we're throwing caution to the wind
see how far my limbs can stretch and bend
exploding from the inside out
thats what im talkin about
that quake and quiver all over sensation
glow in the dark because you gave in to temptation
said f*ck this frustration
giving an erotic demonstration
on what its like letting go of all those

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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