by MissWright

Who ever defines beauty by anything other than your name should be taken out into an open field and shot
Comparing the stars and moon to the shine in your eyes and the glow of your face
Still I am left wondering just how such a beauty came about

Much more than skin
I fell weak wanting to just praise you
Does it faze you, that I was infatuated with scent of your hair?
A fragrance that only your follicles create

Wanting to spend hours
Allowing my eyes to devour
Every inch of your exquisite temple
More than physical
Mentally I am overthrown by your seductiveness
I was taken by the lingering tingling feeling I get from your kiss
Sometimes I pause, breathe, and reminisce
Tasting you as though we never parted
Sadly my eyes open and I realize that a memory so vivid
Is still just a memory
Both bitter and sweet

I now know that it was I
Who complimented you so
I now know that without me there is no glow

Cold as ice your eyes no longer shine
Now I know that the flickering reflection your eyes once held was mine

My spirit has been damaged
You begged ,pleaded and persuaded emotionally
For me to care when I didnít desire to
Then I found a sanctuary but lost you

I openly, foolishly gave you my day
Then you robbed me of my night
Some how we missed one another
You turned left and I stayed right

Luckily, for us the roads all end the same
We date, reciprocate and love others all in vain
360 degrees of change
Will occur and you will be right back here
In my arms, radiating beauty once more

Eons ago it was written
Therefore, one day it shall be
For now I wait patiently
Still occasionally, I think of you
My Ying
My Yang
My Six
My Nine
My Day
My Night
My Black
My White

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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