by Ten

Understand you`re still my baby but you`re acting kinda shady...what`s the reason for the switch? I doubt you`ve got another bytch. I know no one can make you wetter ...damn sure that they can`t lick you better...So dear wife please sit and tell...have you awaken from my spell? In constant confusion is no way to live..Want me or not? Somthin`s gotta give. See I`ve sat here for hours searching for the power to do what i gotta do. But my heart is chained it always leads back to you...Pehaps we`ve spent too many nights...had too many fights..too many talks..too many walks though the halls of time..Too many moments defining I am yours and you are mine..Couldn`t stop loving you evn if I wanted to but depression turns to regression as i sit here so sad and blue. Never thought a day would come where there`d be life apart from you. So did our love break apart and fall? Is that why you blow me off when i call? Is that why we fight, argue and bicker? Or is that you done went back to that nicca? But thats ok girl you aint gon forget..this stud lovin that makes you oh so wet....

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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