by Marsha Blue

Iím standing in my suit
Ready for my morning commute
While hand on the door you telling
You wont wait no more
For that nut I told her to save
The night before
And now I am walking out making
Her wait

With out a thought
I erased her prior
Thoughts with my lips
As I placed them on hers
In a heat filled kiss
Wrapping my hands around her waist
Pulling her closer to me
Everything out of sight
But we

I tugged at her boxers
And pushed her unto the bed
I am dying to open her legs
Trying to get inside
I am so ready to take her on that ride
I placed my hands between her thighs
Feeling all her heat begin to rise.

I inhaled deeply
Taking all her scent with me
And I am in this state of
Heightened sanity
My body begins to react
I moan a groan
Cause I want to taste her now

Slipping my body down hers
Kissing her navel
Her whole body feeling me
On all fours
I enter heavens gates
And taste her place

Letting my tongue taste
From her center to her clit
Her wrapping my hair around in a
Pulling my head right where it fits
And I am sucking on that
Working on that
Getting that nut that I promised
Getting the wave that I promised
All over my face

As I rose from my stance
I smiled to myself
As I rose from my stance
Still having her scent on my face
I kissed her lips
We share what she taste like
And I truly like
The way she makes me feel early in the morning...

With that I walk away
Taken the lunch she made me
My purse
Fixing my suit
Looking back she is laying there watching
It truly is hard to leave her....

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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