by Sin.I.D.

my addiction gets better as it gets worse
all i want to do is just put it first
above everything and all
if i can balance right i just might not fall
i've been addicted to others before
they eventually just made me bored
i kept trying to get that feeling
like the 1st time...a free spirit kind of thing
or wasn't addicted at all...nope, not a fiene
i would hit it
then pass it
whenever i want, just quit it
but not this one, not that easy
this one is up for what it takes to please me
this addiction has me trapped
if this were any other i'd have my escape mapped
but i don't want to get out
this one i chased
to embrace
to incorporate
her into my life
no wait strike
that, i vacuum packed myself
to get into her's
but had to put the deadliest sin on the shelf
pride would do me no good hear
and neither would fear
this addiction fucked wit me to my soul
even awakened a heart that use to be cold
and dead
only used other's addictions to get ahead
now i'm the addicted and not the addictee
this time the addiction set me free
so no more puff puff pass
or hit it then flip that ass
cuz i'm not addicted to sex
or even ex
cocaine didn't win
and neither did heroin
my addiction goes beyond just a physical need
and can't be sold to every drug dealer or dope fiene
but i am a thriving drug addict
my drug is a 5'3 carmel poet

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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