by Femmesational
(recited over Moments in Love By Art of Noise)

Endless chat logs
Unplugging my caller ID…the trust
Remember that?
10 hour telephone conversations
Being honest about your past…my reactions
Do you remember me
Hating her
You hating her
Forgiving her…
Damn… forgiveness!
It’s a thought
Childhood memories…. you hate mayonnaise
144 phone calls!
Your thirty third birthday…you didn’t even want to share your cake
Do you remember me?
Making love to this song
Do you remember…"I…. nawww it’s the sex"…you said that…
Just three days later.... "I love you"
Episode one and two on the stairs
My heart poured out to you on the stairs
Confessions…on the stairs
Forgiveness offered and granted… on the stairs
Episode three on the stairs…our bodies explode on the stairs
Do you remember me?
Something like 10,000 miles logged
Amaretto sours and bubble baths
One thousand Hershey kisses…or something like that
Eternal roses
Shopping sprees
Do you remember me?
Speaking honestly….Truthfully about our pain
Mothers abuse
Fathers neglect
Brothers and sisters
Always being the one to carry the weight
Of the world…or so it seemed
Making love for hours on end
Candle lit conversations
You getting to know you
Getting to know me
Getting to be you
No matter who you were that day
You finding the most beautiful part of me
And then…letting me see…DAMN!
The day I became your best friend
And you became my oxygen…remember me?

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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