by Precious Ronnie

The throbbing of a clit against my tongue
Makes me remember
Why I love to go down
Bowed on my knees
Nestled between her thighs
Listening to her moans
And sighs
Become cries
For my attention
Which I must mention
Is always focused
On the pussy
The Goddess’ greatest invention…

There is no sweeter taste
That I can embrace
Than the nectar of a pussy
The sweet juices run over my tongue
Flowing down my throat
To make me feel
Like I can float
Up to the heavens
Up above the clouds
To make the universe
My playground
But the raking of her nails
Across my back
And the feel of her hands
Intertwined in my crown
Yank me from those lofty heights
Reminding me
Why I’ll always be downe

Goddess only knows why she made me this way
But downe is how I’ll always stay
Loving my wife everyday
She knows how I like to play
Touching her body
Fulfilling her every desire
Never failing to take her higher
Making her call my name
As we play the game
She clutches the sheet
Her body writhing underneath
My body
Feeling the groove
That makes her complete
Her screams
Making the sounds
That will always keep me

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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