by Jequiche

Turn the lights out
Let’s do it in the dark
All you initially see is the spark of my little blue lighter’s flame
A flash of fire followed by my itty bitty sweet peach cigar in flames
Femininity speaks through the darkness saying,
Put on that one that glows in the dark
Better yet…let me put it on you
It fits tightly around as I roll it onto your swollen pole
Daddi….can you smell the smoke?
That good j’nk that funk…
Deliciously bitter-sweet perched on my pierced tongue that retreats back between my teeth as I… inhale
Smells good,
But I…know—you know something more sweet,
Come here baby
Grab my feet and…
Come here baby
Push my back—back on the stack pillows and…
Come here baby
As I…bounce my bootie down, wiggle down ‘til I’m…near you real, real close…
I wanna do more than lend you my physical being
Can you put your tongue in me before you put it in?
I’m… shivering
Its cold as shit outside
I know how to heat it up—Daddi can I ride?
Slip and slide?
I’m so high
You got me?
Hold me
I know you got me
Support all this thickness on top of your hips as
Our hips dip back and forth
Back and forth
Daddi, I love how we play in the dark and go back and forth.
A whisper heard in the darkness of
Bring that ass here-
I heard you speak but I lie and ask, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you”-
Just so you can say it again.
A whisper of your voice heard through the darkness
Bring that ass here-
I heard that and I want you to…say it again
Follow it up with following up my front and back
My ass and neck
My Kitty, my Kat
Put ya lips on that
Flick ya tongue on that
Lick it like that
Yea just like that
And put my ass…on silence.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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