Stephanie Rose

“Ummm…Let’s see. I’d like the pink one right there. No, not that one. The pink one. The sweet, soft, pink one, please?”

Jada tapped on the glass case with a perfectly manicured scarlet fingernail. Behind the sparklingly clear glass barrier, the creamy, rose-colored frosting on the huge vanilla cupcake beckoned to her. Jada licked her lips at the thought of swirling her tongue in the sweet, thick pink icing.

She looked up to see Trina looking directly at her with a hand on her hip and an amused expression on her face. Trina, owner of the Sweet Rose Café, stood tall, with all 5’10” of her looking like an African goddess. Trina’s mocha-colored skin had a light sheen of moisture, caused by the heat coming from the kitchen. Her beautiful dark brown skin was flawless and a perfect complement to her slim, fit body. Her long, jet-black hair was pulled up into a neat, but sexy ponytail.

Jade also took in Trina’s pristine white apron which fit snugly around her firm breasts. The top buttons of Trina’s light blue polo shirt were open and the creamy dark brown globes, topped with stiff nipples, showed through. Licking her lips again, Jada suddenly wanted those sweet gems in her mouth as well.

“You want the pink one, huh,” Trina asked her longtime friend. “Looks tasty,” she teased.

Jada grinned. “I hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

Trina winked. “Only one way to find out.” She opened the glass display case. “One extra large vanilla cupcake, coming right up.”

Trina carefully packed the delicious treat into a clear plastic box, slid it into a white paper bag and handed it to Jada. Then she motioned to Jada. “Come on. Cough it up.”

Jada sighed as she forked over her credit card. “I still can’t believe you’re charging me.”

Trina winked. “I have a business to run, sweetie. Besides, every sale counts toward my monthly total. Which counts toward my plans to expand the café. You know that.” Trina swiped Jada’s card in the terminal and punched the keypad. Soon after, a thin slip of paper curled out. Trina smiled as she handed it to Jada.

“You’re so mean,” Jada pouted.

“Yes, but you love it,” Trina said as Jada bent to sign the receipt.

Trina noticed Jada’s furrowed brow and the way her slim fingers held the ink pen. Trina shivered as she thought of those amazing fingers deep inside of her. Jada’s skillful ministrations in Trina’s tight pussy sent Trina over the edge every single time. She watched Jada’s smooth honey brown skin and noticed the crinkle of a smile in the corner of Jada’s eyes.

Suddenly, Jada looked up and Trina was instantly lost in those incredible hazel pools. Trina’s heart sped up as she slipped the receipt out of Jada’s silky hands. “Thanks, babe,” Trina said. “You know I’ll make it up to you.”

“Promise?” Jada’s eyes locked directly onto Trina’s.

A flash of heat burned deep between Trina’s legs. She had to have the golden goddess. “Jada, baby” she whispered. “Meet me later?”

Jada’s hazel eyes sparkled. She leaned in close. Her soft, full lips came dangerously close to Trina’s. “How ‘bout right now?”

Trina turned toward the kitchen. “Danielle!”

A slender, pretty, pecan-colored woman appeared from the back of the café. “Yes, T?”

“Come cover the register for a moment.” Trina winked at Jada. “I need to check some inventory.”

“You nasty freaks!” Danielle laughed, her blond dreadlocs swinging. “But get some for me!”

As Jada wriggled past the counter toward the back offices, Trina stared at her full hips and thick legs underneath her miniskirt. The tight denim barely contained Jada’s curvy figure.

As she watched Jada, eyeing her full, bouncy ass, Trina had a wicked thought. She sprinted over to the refrigerator and pulled a small cardboard box from one of the shelves. She then quickly followed Jada’s full hips to the back.

“Hurry,” Trina ordered as she ushered Jada into her private office. Locking the door, Trina put her box on the desk and Jada set her bag right next to it.

As Jada looked around, she always marveled at how neat and orderly Trina’s office was.

The room was decorated with small framed pictures of Trina’s close-knit family. She also had photo displays of her most popular designs for the cakes, pies and cupcakes she baked on a daily basis.

A small leather loveseat sat in the far end of the room, right beside Trina’s desk and two chairs. A tall file cabinet in the opposite corner of the room housed Trina’s meticulous financial reports. The back shelves were brimming with all kinds of books, including her numerous business primers and her neatly stacked cookbooks and cake decorating manuals. On the shelves closest to the desk sat various art supplies and other decorating tools. Several art brushes lay on Trina’s desk stacked in a sleek, black carrying case.

All of a sudden, Trina embraced Jada and pulled her in tight. Jada snuggled her face into Trina’s neck and sniffed the warm, brown skin. Jada could almost taste the light vanilla scent on Trina’s smooth, chocolate body. Unable to resist, Jada planted gentle kisses on Trina’s soft neck. Trina groaned at the electric shivers that sped through her body.

“Baby, please,” Trina whispered.

Jada softly stroked Trina’s silky black hair. Somehow her ponytail clip had been removed and Trina’s lengthy tresses cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. “Patience, sweetie,” Jada smiled.

Jada took a slim finger and traced soft circles down the side of Trina’s face. She tickled Trina’s nose and the two women shared a sly grin. When she reached Trina’s full lips, Jada grinned as she used her finger to gently tap Trina’s moist flesh.

Suddenly, Trina’s lips opened and captured Jada’s firm digit into its heated wetness. Trina sucked softly on the sweet flesh at first, gently using her cheek muscles to draw the digit in and out. As Trina’s passion increased, she sucked harder on Jada’s finger.

“Oooh,” Jada moaned as warm waves of passion rushed through her.

Trina slid Jada’s finger out of her mouth and kissed her warm palm. She playfully rubbed her nose in Jada’s hot skin.

Unable to wait, Jada leaned in and pressed her soft lips against Trina’s. Trina moaned and panted as Jada’s tongue entered her hot mouth. Their kisses deepened as Jada gripped the back of Trina’s head and locked her fingers in Trina’s soft, silky hair. The two lovers kissed passionately, each nourished by the other’s desire. A deep hunger for love and affection consumed them, causing them both to moan in ecstasy. Their dueling tongues, ripe with passion, set each other ablaze.

After what seemed like an eternity, Trina broke off the kiss and snatched off her apron. “I’ve got a surprise for you, baby,” she whispered as she grabbed the cardboard box off her desk.

Opening it, Trina removed three small plastic containers. “Let’s have a private tasting,” she grinned. “I’ve been working on some new recipes. I was going to take these home, but I think I want you to help me out instead.”

Jada’s nose crinkled as a slow smile spread across her face. As she looked at Trina’s sly grin, she realized that this would be no ordinary tasting.

Trina removed the lid from the first container. “This is my new French Vanilla icing.” Trina dipped a finger in and generously swirled it in the creamy white confection. She held up her finger right up to Jada’s mouth.

“Wanna taste?”

Jada giggled as she leaned forward. She stuck out her tongue and licked the sweet, thick icing. Loving the taste, she moaned in delight. Jada closed her eyes and hungrily sucked Trina’s finger, desperate to get all of the delicious, creamy icing. Licking her lips, she winked at Trina. “Mmmm! Tasty!”

Trina laughed. “Now it’s my turn.” She opened the black carrying case on her desk. Taking out one of the smallest art brushes, she swirled it in the icing.

“Hold still,” Trina ordered.

Jada shivered in ecstasy as Trina painted tiny circles of the sugary icing on her soft, smooth neck. Jada closed her eyes and lost herself in the delicious feelings swirling through her. Heat rose faster and faster in her as Trina decorated her golden skin with the sweet confection.

After teasing her lovely friend for what seemed like an eternity, Trina finally bent in to taste the sweet flesh. “Ahhh!” Jada screamed as Trina’s lips and tongue wiggled sensuously against her blazing skin. Jada moaned as Trina fought to lap up all the delicious icing from Jada’s neck. Trina licked and sucked until there was no trace of icing left on Jada’s skin. Jada nearly collapsed with the intense pleasure.

“Take this off,” Trina ordered as she tugged at the bottom of Jada’s blouse. Jada quickly undid the buttons and slipped off the silky material. Braless, Jada’s firm honey-colored nipples stood at attention.

“Oooh! The perfect inspiration,” Trina whispered as she picked up the second container. Removing the lid, the smell of rich chocolate wafted through the room. “I call this my new Chocolate Fudge icing.” Trina took a new brush and painted a generous amount of the dark, cool icing onto Jada’s heated skin. “It’s the perfect way to make chocolate nipples,” she winked. Jada shivered as Trina teased her sensitive flesh. Trina licked her lips at the sight of the sugary confection spread all over Jada’s breast.

Trina twirled the brush in her fingers as she admired her handiwork. “Nice,” she whispered as she bent into Jada’s firm breast. Jada gasped as Trina’s tongue flicked out and teased her hard nipple. Trina licked and sucked hard on the sweet gem, sending hot sparks through Jada’s body. Jada moaned and sighed in ecstasy. Her body began to shake and her moans intensified.

Suddenly Trina stopped cold. “Jada, take off your skirt,” Trina said.

Jada wriggled out of her miniskirt and stood in front of Trina in just a tiny pair of black panties.

Trina grabbed Jada’s curvy hips and nudged her up onto the desk. Jada’s thick, honey brown legs instinctively spread open and Trina licked her lips at the girl’s intimate fragrance. Trina told Jada to lie back, pull her legs up and rest her feet on the desk. Jada obeyed, lying there in sweet expectation of Trina’s expert attention.

Trina picked up the final container. “This is my baby right here.” She showed Jada the creamy, pink icing. “I call this my new Cotton Candy icing.” Jada thought the fluffy, rose-colored icing looked absolutely scrumptious.

“Know why I love this particular cupcake icing so much?” Trina asked.

“Why?” Jada whispered.

“Because it’s pink…” Trina dipped another brush in the sugary mixture.

“…sticky…” She painted broad strokes of the creamy icing onto Jada’s pussy lips.

“…and sweet…” Trina tossed the brush onto the desk, only to lean in and place a juicy wet kiss on Jada’s swollen pink clit.

“Trina!” Jada gasped. “Oh, baby…yesssss!”

Jada’s skin was on fire as Trina lapped at her sticky flesh. She started slow at first, but as her temperature rose, Trina began to lap more furiously. Jada ran her hands through her thick mane as her entire body shook. “Oh, baby! I love it!” Jada screamed. She twisted and turned as every inch of her flesh tingled.

Trina licked and sucked hard at Jada’s pussy. Jada’s juices flowed and flowed, rushing like molten lava, searing Trina’s lips and tongue. In response, Trina pushed her face deeper into Jada’s dripping slit to drink more of the copious honey. Jada rode the countless, tumultuous waves, speeding closer and closer to her orgasm.

Jada arched her back. “Ooooh!” she cried. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m so close, baby!”

Trina doubled her efforts, desperate to bring Jada to a certain explosion. She quickly licked her finger and slid it deep inside Jada’s slit. Trina loved feeling Jada’s hot, tight pussy and pushed harder. Jada bucked hard, loving the sweet intrusion in her wet cunt.

“You gonna cum for me, baby?” Trina moaned.

“Oh yes,” Jada groaned. “Yesssss, baby!”

Trina held on tight to Jada’s hips as she continued her oral assault on Jada’s pussy. She focused long, wet strokes on Jada’s swollen clit.

“Trina, I’m cumming! Oh, I’m cumming,” Jada screamed. “Now, baby, now!”

“Get it, baby,” Trina groaned into Jada’s heat. “Get it, girl!”

Jada’s senses were on overload. She raced higher and higher toward ecstasy as Trina licked and sucked in complete abandon. Suddenly Jada felt Trina’s finger stroke deeper and deeper, until she finally hit Jada’s sweet spot.

“Ahhhh!” Jada cried as her passion crested. She sobbed as Trina buried her face deeper into Jada’s wetness. Jada shuddered as Trina lapped up every drop of her sweet liquid.

As Jada’s passion ebbed and flowed, Trina gently stroked Jada’s damp thighs. She continued kissing the soft, damp skin and smiled as she felt Jada shiver in ecstasy. The two women lay together silently, each drawing warmth from the other.

“Trina,” Jada moaned, “you are the best, honey. I love you so much, baby.” She struggled to sit up. “Was it good for you?”

“It was perfect, baby…” Trina whispered. “Absolutely delicious.”

The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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