Dear Mrs. ___,

I ain't never had a problem keeping my girl happy, or yours either. You see, I'm the one your lover's sneaking out to see in the middle of the night, hell, sometimes even in the middle of the day. She can never get enough of this pussy, so wet and tight. I hate to toot my horn, but the ass is all that. I can tell by the way she swims in it. Often times she drowns, but that's the part that keeps her coming back. She wants to break me, make me wifey material, but I'm not made to be broken. I break....I break pockets, I break hearts, then along comes the happy homes.

Why you ask? Aside from the good sex, I do it because it's easy. You sit at home nagging your chick, slackin, being shy and timid. You don't do this, you won't do that. I know this because she tells me. Well let me introduce myself. I'm that bitch who will. You've heard of me. I'm the one your mama warned you about. The best friend all in your business, the coworker getting a little too friendly on the job.

I've seen you in action. You've done everything in your power to push that woman away--blowing up her cell, accusing her of things she's never done, of being with people she's never met. Well congratulations! Funny thing is, she actually loved you. And I say that in past tense because now I got her. When she's hanging out with the boys, I got her. When she's pulling the late night shift, I got her. Shit, even when she's running to the store for a drink, you better believe I'm right there....enticing her. She was reluctant at first, but it didn't take long. I found out what you were doing and did the exact opposite. Thanks for the tips. She was putty in my hands.

Now I don't know if it was the way I spread my ass cheeks in public places for her to penetrate my deepest desire, or the way that I dropped to my knees and took her nine inch strapped dick to the back of my throat afterwards that did it, but whatever it was, it worked. Hmmmm...maybe it was my lunch break special. That's the one where I would have her fuck me crazy while yelling out your name to catch a quick nut. Oh that's my favorite! But I don't wanna be you, as a matter of fact I scream out "I'm not that bitch" in response to it so she remembers.

Call me a freak, but the shit turns me on. Sort of like when I'm riding her face. Seeing my cum glistening across the lips that you kiss while she tongue fucks me is a sight I wish you could see. Who knows, you might just come across the video. I still have the one where she's running her tongue up and down my little sensitive ass right before she fingers the hell out of it. I still can't believe she got four in. Ha ha, that was a good one.

But the point is, you may look at me as a nasty dirty two faced whore, but your girl thinks differently. She respects me for giving her space. I don't hound her about where she's been, truth be told, I don't care. As long as she delivers what I want how I want, we stay in good standings. If she's giving up dough for it, even better. But I've never considered myself a full fledged gold digger. I've never asked her for shit. As a matter of fact, I don't expect a damn thing from her, but she'll make sure my needs are taken care of before yours. Why do you think that is Mrs.? Because I'm sexy? Maybe. Because I don't question her? Possibly. But if I had to choose, I'd have to say it's because I throw that inhibited shit out the window and work her ass out in that bedroom.

Now for you, this message is too little too late, but you can help others. She's not the first. Did you think she'd be the last? I'm always on the prowl. Neglected women aren't hard to find. Now you have first hand experience to let them all know. Advise them to get on their job or a chick like me will gladly fill that part time position.

Your greatest threat,
The Bitch Who Will

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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