by Rhythmic Pleasurez

I died today...I mean physically I am still here
But mentally and emotionally I am fading away,
Slowly disappearing into a cloudy abyss,
I wonder if she will even understand the meaning of all this.
I mean how do I go on to face another day,
When she was my everything, I have no reason left to stay.
My body feels old and worn my heart is cold and torn.
I mean how do I explain the love I have for her but to say that I would give my life for her,and I mean that for forever and a day.
See it's not just about love its more like complete,
Something I was but without her its more like defeat.
My heart has givin up, it feels like blood has stopped pumping to my chest,
I swear I'm going to that place called eternal rest.
I can't stand life without her for one more day....hour....shyt im slippin away.
It's cold, it's dark it's not supposed to be like this,
I guess this is the wrath of death's kiss,
I'm all alone and it's getting worse,
My pulse is slower and my heart is racing fast,
What have I done to deserve all this,
I'm sorry to say it I just can't go on
If loving you was so wrong then I'm guilty for that,
But just so you know I don't regret one minute of it.

Copyright © 2006.Used by permission of author.All Rights Reserved.

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