by Shaudessee

i got a crush
some serious stuff -
coz it consumes me everyday.
on a sistah at the job
well call her k

why? im not sure
but im aching to explore
just what she does
that has me sprung,
tongue draggin on the floor

i know my radars on point
tis too strong to be outta joint
i see it in her eyes
and i can feel her vibe
but how do we get past this front?

politics and shit
weighing in with logic
what is it i seek?
coz if its just pussy
it for sure aint worth the risks.

i got a crush
some serious stuff
on a sistah well call k
but itll have to wait
til fate finds a way
to work this shit out...

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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