by EyeThghtUKnew

how do I explain?
let me start from the beginning
she was an unexpected gift I never asked for
a reward for bravery I never fought for
she was my imagination's desire
my relief pitcher sewing up the game
a woman so eerily familiar it alarmed me
but my heart explained the situation beautifully
unbeknownst to me it had introduced itself to her
however I was the last to know about this
but I melted like butter with her first kiss
she was my all that I never knew I needed

more than I ever dreamed of
her eyes signaled her intentions

her every word dripped love

her touch motivated abandonment
her mouth inundated me
yes she overwhelmed me and I enjoyed it
never one to play in fairytales
but I swear I had on ruby red slippers
so deep in wonderland skipping with dwarfs
this woman must be kept
then again she might be my downfall
falling this deep in love must be dangerous
I'm telling you, I smell her in my dreams
now you understand what I mean
she is my beginning and end
all this and my best friend
we share everything...nothing hidden
everything is decided on together
regardless of fair or foul weather
in a simple explanation...
I love her so deeply because-
she completes me

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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