by Khia "BLAZE" Martin

i am in a calm
i am encircled in a place where there is serenity
finding quiet in a world full of thunder

in this place

a place inside your world
inside your heart, your soul, flowing thru your veins

a place where i feel waves of contentment

a place called love

feelings of worship and admiration
envelop my heart like a halo

probing deep within self
i am complete
and you extend my completeness

mind, body and soul
i bestow upon you
giving unto you freely
without question

you are my intended
my future
the altar is imminent
taking you to that next level
you and i becoming one
under the luminous sky
under the alluring stars

our heavenly father nodding his head in approval

this place called love
is amazing at best
still amazing at worst

you and i in this place called love....

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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