Rayne Marzett

Tonight is something different and I'm going to make it so that even when your old, grey and suffer from the effects of Alzimers you will remember. I want you to pay close attention to the details of this evening. I want and need for you to feel me like I feel you. In the back of my mind I've played this over and over, and it's time that you reap the benefits of masterful play. I plan to start with a mental stimulation that generates a impatient ness so strong that the slight warm breeze that grazes the fine hairs of your body will sweep you up and carry you away to the land of passions and release.
I want you to come closer to me. Feel the power that radiates from my palms and into your soul. Come closer to me; I need you to understand what it means to be loved so strongly that everything else collapses into nothingness and disappears. Come closer to me; I want you to have this emotion that I've been nurturing and growing for years. Come closer to me and know what it's like to feel the presence of omnipotent essences breathing gently down your spin, making you tingle with desire and unleashing the pent up energy stored deep inside you. Come closer to me and satisfy the questions that plague you in the morning. No more will you wonder why she keeps calling or why you feel the need to do the same.
I need you to come closer to me; so I can show you why it is you feel like you've known me since forever. Come closer to me so I can grant your every wish, and provide you with the things that you've been missing. Come closer to me and grasp my reason for being. Let me show you wonders never before seen. Come closer, and closer still.
Become one with me and allow me to enter that part of you that you keep from everyone else. Let me be the one to ease your pain and bring you joy. Let me express to your body tantalizing realities and fantastic dreams. Come closer to me and make my fantasy your world.
If you come closer to me and I allow you in, take advantage of me and use me as you will. You can't hurt me, only learn from me. Come closer to me and see a love so deep that it resembles pain. Come closer to me and fade into me. Let me be the one that presents you with gifts that you can share with the world. Come closer to me. I beg of you to come closer to me. Come closer to me so I can shoulder your burdens and set you free. If you come closer to me I'll give you things you never knew you needed. Come closer to me and watch as I set you soul on fire and burn away bridges over troubled waters. Come closer to me and create new ways to express fear. I can be you everything if you just come closer to me, feel me, and be me.
Come closer to me and travel distant lands from the past. Learn from mistakes once made and enjoy those days that come too far and between. My hands will heal and provide relief to your tired spirit. Come closer to me and know that I am yours and yours alone. Know that all I am is for you, to help, devote, and commemorate love as it is and nothing more. Come closer to me and erase the word alone from your heart. Come closer to me and closer still. I want you to feel all of me eternally. It's time that I gave you piece of me that once belonged to another.
Come closer to me; touch what you see to make sure it's real, and never question again how deep is my love.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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