by Ten

Bytch why you acting dumb- like I aint tell you the deal
Man you knew i had a wife- come on now let`s be real
Yeah you`re right I took the bait
to be honest girl you fine
But I can`t just leave my wife
freak hoe have you lost your mind?
You knew this was just sex when you climbed up on my dyck
Now I can`t take the blame `cuz you love it when i lick
Girl please don`t get me wrong
yeah i got a thang for you
But my wife is number one
Now you can be number two
You say not good enough
you just wanna be my world
But you asking for too much
That spot is only for my girl
Now im tired of explaining
Time to end this dang phone call
Quit crying and complaining
would you please not try to stall
Yeah I fukked you raw and nasty
what you asked for is completed
My wife`s on her way home now
you`ve been ERASED and DELETED!

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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