by House of Malika

Just feel me
Sitting in this chair you feel me near you, you know Im there, body quivers to my steaming lips on your neck
letting moist strips of tongue trace along your skin
My hand trails down the middle of your bare chest
tight hold on your belt buckle
You start to breath slightly harder, catching yourself not wanting to show weakness
not admitting to yourself youre nervous
Playing with the buckle not yet releasing you
My hair falling on your shoulder, you notice my moans and realize im playing with myself behind you
you smile to yourself knowing I do it only because you like it
Sliding a soaking finger into your mouth, you taste me
::Daddy?:: you're shocked by my choice of a name, you always wanted me to say it
whispering ::Yes baby:: your breaths turn into slight groans
Undoing your buckle ::Can I touch it?::
::What baby?::
My mouth to your ear, my hand slides down your boxers, gliding my fingers over your clit
Grabbing your pussy in my palm ::Your dick?::
I feel your body tense, you growl at me, clenching your fist yet loveing the fact you cant touch me
Whispers ::Yesssss:: You let your head fall back on my shoulder
Your mind starts to race...moaning to yourself...feeling my hand rub your clit like its the biggest shit in the world
::yess baby...fuck yesss baby:: Somehow I'm able to make it grow more in my hand, feeling your juices run all over my fingers
I make my way to stand in front of you...kneeling before you
pulling your pants down further...leaving them around your ankles
Looking up at hand feeling you throb even more
Moaning ::Yess baby::
::Can I suck it?::
You look down at me, your eyes wide, tears fill them...::Yesssss::

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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