The following is a fictional parody, not approved of, nor authorized by, the celebrities named. None of the events are true. No harm is intended toward the celebrities named.

The Make-up Artist #2
Stephanie Rose

I stepped out of the taxi and stared at the large, gray warehouse. Where in the hell was I?

I quickly checked my reflection in the car window. Despite a late night, and an early call time, my toffee-brown skin was still amazingly smooth and clear. I smiled easily. My shoulder-length black hair was pulled into a neat ponytail. I wore a simple black leather jacket with black jeans. My eyes were a bit red from lack of sleep, but dark shades kept my secret for the time being.

The phone call came hella early this morning. Leila, David’s assistant, was crisp and curt as she only gave me an address and instructions to be at the shoot at 7am. My old classmate, David Lynn, was the director of Ciara’s new music video.

As I looked around, the rest of the street was dark and void of activity, with boarded up buildings standing ominously against the warm light of dawn. Why in the hell was I spending such a beautiful August morning at a dusty warehouse?

Oh yeah, I chuckled. Rent was due.

Once I got my business established, I vowed not to take any more last-minute sessions. One day, appointments only, baby, I mused as I grabbed my makeup case, paid the driver, and made my way to the open warehouse door.

I was pleasantly surprised at all the activity taking place. Usually, the larger the staff, the better the pay.

Several of the crew members were gathered at the front of the warehouse, obviously on a smoke break. I waved as I passed by, carefully avoiding all of the cables and other equipment strewn across the ground.

As I walked inside, I immediately realized how professional this shoot was.

Several cameras were set up against two main areas: To the right, the crew had constructed a huge performance stage with several rows of lights set against a black backdrop. To the left was a giant green screen set up to capture all of the other shots.

Almost behind me, in the corner, I saw several dancers practicing what looked to be a pretty complicated dance sequence. I set my case down and studied their graceful movements for a few moments. I almost got lost in watching their bodies float to the beautiful rhythms when I heard a booming voice behind me.

“Hey Nikii!”

I’d know that deep voice anywhere. I spun around. “David!”

I took a moment to study how great David looked. His sandy brown eyes were strong and clear. His firm jawline settled into a neat goatee, which added a sophisticated flair to his overall look. His warm golden-brown skin glowed with delight. He wore a black pullover that hugged his frame beautifully. The crisply pressed jeans completed his casual look. I hadn’t seen him in over a year, but he looked better and more mature every time I saw him.

6 years ago, David set out for NYC with only a handheld camera and $60. He started out assisting various directors, but only a couple years later, he’d turned into a successful video director himself. He’d made it big quickly, directing videos for B2K, Monica and Christina Milian. Today’s shoot with Ciara was his biggest coup to date, and I beamed with pride at his success.

I hugged him hard. “What’s up, baby!”

“You, sweetie.” He stood back and looked at me. “You look great, girl!”

“Thank you very much, Mr. Big-Time Video Director, sir.” We giggled. “And thanks for the call. Char said I had a shot at this gig, but she never called me back.” I frowned. It normally wasn’t like my old boss to leave me hanging for a job like that.

“Oh, I told her I’d let you know personally. Except I got so busy that I had Leila call.”

“Oh, ok. And Leila’s a doll. But she only called me this morning, and then just gave me an address. I’m kinda nervous about this whole thing…”

“We’re trying to keep this shoot a secret,” David explained. “The media’s been all over Babygirl lately, with the new album coming out soon. We needed this video to make a big splash, so it was best to keep everything under wraps. Most of the crew didn’t know where we were shooting until late last night, so don’t feel bad.”

I nodded. “Well, that explains it.” I took another glance around, and relaxed a bit. “Let’s get started.”

We spoke quickly about the overall look he wanted, and confirmed my fee. Just then, he pulled a walkie-talkie out of his back pocket. “Someone go get Trish and tell her to meet me in front of the stage.” He turned back to me. “She’s the lead stylist. You’ll meet her first. I’m also gonna need you to meet the set director, Kenneth.” He paused. “Actually, since you’re new to the business, and don’t have a lot of clients yet, I’ll just introduce you around to everyone. You need as many contacts as you can get.”

I smiled. David was a gem.

“Thanks.” My nerves were still a bit frazzled, though. I had to ease my fears. I had to know. “So...what is she like?”

He didn’t hesitate. “Ciara’s an extremely hard worker. One of the hardest. She puts her all into her work. She loves what she does, and it shows. And she’s a real sweetheart. And very generous too.” He grinned at me. “You’re gonna love this one.”

Just then, a curvy mocha beauty strolled over. She was about 5’9”, clad in a sheer rose-colored blouse with a form-fitting, knee-length black suede skirt that clung to her thick, beautiful hips and legs. Black stiletto boots completed her savvy look. Her chestnut eyes sparkled as she gave me a warm smile. Her sultry hips swayed and rocked as she strode over. I lusted over her round, full breasts as I imagined the mocha-tipped nipples nestled between my slim fingers, and nuzzled by my hot mouth.

David winked at me as he led the introductions. “Nikii Clarke? Meet Trish Connor.” As I shook her hand, I noticed that while her grip was firm, her fingers were the softest and the silkiest I’d felt in a while. This was gonna be fun.

She looked at me and quickly took in my look from head to toe. I was only 5’4”, but slender and pretty toned. Though I only had a few minutes to get ready this morning, I looked pretty pulled together in a soft gray cashmere sweater with a black patent leather belt, and slim black denim jeans. The luxurious sweater caressed my full cleavage. Her eyes were drawn to it, and I caught her staring. She winked, but at least had the good manners to blush.

Just then, a tall, handsome man appeared and introduced himself as Kenneth, the set director.

The next half-hour was a blur. David, Kenneth, Trish and I carefully went over the various set designs and the makeup look they wanted for each shot.

The main part of the video would feature Ciara in a rough, boyish dance sequence on the performance stage, and would feature the dancers I’d seen earlier. We agreed that she would need a dark look, so I’d make her up using smoky black and brown shades.

The remainder of the video would feature Ciara as a glamorous diva. For these more alluring looks, I would use lush pinks and stunning metallics to make her skin glow. When shooting, the green screen setup would be used to take the various close-up glamour shots that would be interspersed between the dance sequences.

Rough and masculine meets soft and feminine. I was intrigued. And slightly starstruck at the whole thing.

Just then, a light voice rang out with laughter. As I turned, I saw a statuesque frame stride out from the back of the warehouse, surrounded by 3 assistants. The lean beauty, clad in an oversized, white bathrobe, walked straight toward our group and stood directly next to me. “I don’t know you,” Ciara questioned. David immediately introduced me as the new makeup artist, and quickly ran down my resume.

She nodded, as she shook my hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Nikii. Charlene sent you, right?”

Her grip was firm, but her fingers were soft and smooth. I admired the brick-red nail polish that decorated her hands. “Yes she did. And thanks for the opportunity.”

“Sure. I love breaking new artists. My regular girl has been sick for a few days, so I’m glad you were available. I’d love –” We were interrupted by the soft chime of a cell phone. She quickly pulled it out of the bathrobe pocket. “Nikii, I can’t talk right now, but have Trish bring you over to my trailer shortly and we’ll get started.” She smiled as she put the instrument to her ear. “Thanks again for coming on such short notice.” With a flash, she turned and strode out of the building, assistants in tow.

Finally, David and Kenneth left us to go set up the rest of the camera equipment.

“I’ll take you to her in a second,” Trish said. “And once she approves everything, you can start working on her first look of the day. But first, I want to consult with you on a few more issues. Please come with me.”

I got a bit nervous and felt the butterflies, but I was determined to stay cool. I knew that celebs were regular people. It’s just that I’ve had a crush on Ciara for a minute, and I wanted everything to run smoothly. I really anticipated us finally getting a chance to meet.

I grabbed my makeup case and followed Trish out of the warehouse.

We made our way outside to a trailer at the back of the building. Compared to the trailers right in the next row, this one was about half the size and stark white, with no frills or adornments. I was surprised at how small and nondescript it was. The nearby tour buses were larger and more elaborately decorated than this trailer. Not that I was trying to spend anyone’s money, but I’d never thought that a multi-platinum artist would be so modest.

As we entered the tiny space, Trish must have read my confusion. “This is my trailer. We’ll go to meet her in a few.” Then her voice lowered seductively. “I wanted to talk to you privately first.”

We talked for a few minutes generally about the business. She had 8 years in styling celebrities, and she loved every minute of it. We also talked about money and investing, with her sharing a few quick tips about being self-employed in the entertainment industry. I was grateful that she took such an interest in me.

I took another look at Trish. She was extremely gorgeous, and obviously bright and talented. I usually tried to keep my passions under bay while I’m working, but I wasn’t sure that was going to happen with such a cutie standing in front of me with that look on her face.

She suddenly reached out and stroked my jet-black hair. A few tendrils had escaped from my ponytail, and I guess she couldn’t resist. “You have such pretty hair,” she whispered. “Charlene told me all about you. She said you were a talented artist. Very talented…” Her voice trailed off as she continued to stroke my jet black tresses.

I looked at her quizzically. Char was my longtime friend, and former boss at Essence salon. She’d been hooking me up with jobs ever since I went solo as a makeup artist a few months ago. Now Char knew that I loved women; I’d been involved with her off-and on for quite a while. But Trish didn’t know about me.

Or did she?

Her directness broke my reverie. “I needed to try you out first. I hear you can really make a girl over.”

I guess she had heard about me. Did Char tell her something? She couldn’t have. She wouldn’t. I mean–

I was distracted as Trish licked her lips.

I shivered at the sight. I wanted to lick those sweet lips too.

Fuck it. I’m in. “Baby, after I work on you, you’ll never be the same again.”

She took my hand and led me over to a small sofa. Her hand softly caressed my skin. As she moved in front of me, the scent of her warm musk swirled around me. She quickly raised her skirt and sat down, legs open, exposing her naked sex. No panties? I chuckled. She’s so naughty. I kneeled between her open legs, my fingers lightly caressing her thighs.

“We don’t have much time baby,” she whispered.

I nodded as my passion took over. Being with gorgeous women was truly my weakness. I leaned forward and kissed her gently. She moaned in my ear as I kissed down her neck, stroking her with my tongue. Sighs escaped her lips as I kept licking and sucking the soft flesh.

My hands were busy, caressing her satiny skin. I dipped my finger in her wetness and slid it into my mouth. I sighed, loving the taste of her juices. Knowing that time was limited, I bent in deep between her legs.

Her luscious scent drove me wild. My lips kissed her clit, and she spread her legs wider to accommodate me. I gently nipped her pussy lips, eliciting a gasp from the mocha beauty.

I used my tongue to trace circles over and over her wet pussy. Her sighs became moans as I intensified my efforts, determined to give her the best climax I could. I kept licking and kissing her, abandoning myself in her sweet nectar.

Faster and faster, I licked her sweet jewel. Her body writhed in ecstasy, and her legs tightened around me. “Don’t stop, baby. I’m so close…”

I buried my face deeper into her sugary sweetness and worked her clit with a strong rhythm. Her arms and legs began to shake and unearthly sounds rose from her throat.

I pulled her hips closer, and licked lower, teasing her tight rosebud. I kept up the long licks from her clit to her anus. As I felt the tremors start to race through her body, I concentrated tight spirals directly on her swollen clit.

Suddenly her body stiffened. She cried out with release, and I tasted a deliciously sweet burst of nectar. She sighed and cooed, as I gave her sweet pussy several last kisses. I lifted my head and sat back on my heels.

For a minute, she was unable to speak. Then she broke out into a huge grin. “Good job,” she sighed. “And quick too. But I need to chill for a minute. You can go find David if you want, while I pull myself together.”

I gave her a peck on the lips. “You like?”

She rolled her eyes. “It was aiight.”

We laughed, then I quickly straightened myself up. I blew her a kiss as I silently made my exit.


Coming down the stairs of the trailer, I ran smack into a small form coming up the stairs.

“Oh. I’m sorry! Are you ok–” I stopped and looked closely. Whoa. A pretty brown beauty with a killer smile.

“Are you Nikii?”

“Yes. And you are...?”

“Leila. David’s assistant.” She smiled, teeth gleaming. “I’m the one who called you this morning.”

Oh. This was Leila. Her skin, the color of rich pecan, was flawless. Smooth and silk-like, I wanted to press my lips against it. A youthful glow colored her cheeks. Her reddish-brown hair fell in luscious waves around her shoulders.

Phone headset securely in place, she motioned back toward the warehouse. “David needs you to start on Ciara asap. Follow me.”

We headed toward a large trailer next to the warehouse. Following slightly behind her, I silently admired her athletic frame. Somewhat hidden under a red polo shirt and slim jeans, I could still make out her small waist and curvy ass.

“So is everything alright? Do you need anything?” Her light voice rang in my ears.

“No, I’m fine, thanks.” I waited a beat. “So how long have you known David?”

“All my life. He’s my uncle.”

My mouth dropped open. He’d never said a word.

“He likes to keep it quiet,” she continued. “Says it’s more professional.” She rolled her eyes. “But everyone pretty much knows. It’s not a secret.”

“He’s kinda right, though. You should keep it quiet. You don’t have to flaunt that you’re related.” Then I grinned. “Actually, I’m not sure you want people to know. I mean, you could’ve told me he was your uncle when you called me this morning. But you didn’t, right?” I thought for a second. “Let me guess: you want to make a name for yourself, don’t you?”

She laughed. “David said you were quick.” She linked her arm in mine. “I bet you could teach me a lot.”


A flurry of activity was taking place when we went inside Ciara’s main trailer. A cute female assistant pulled outfits together, while a tall male hairstylist put the finishing touches on her hair. Ciara was seated in a director’s chair in front of a makeup table with a large mirror attached.

I was amazed at the transformation that had taken place.

The first sequence, the dance performance, was to feature her in a more masculine look. Not too rough, though; she needed to be more boyishly feminine. Thus, her curly hair was blown straight, and was tucked behind her ears, giving her a very sleek look. Her hairstylist was tying a black jeweled bandana across her forehead. She wore a snug, white tank top and baggy denim jeans. The light cotton material could not contain her nipples, which were rock hard and straining against the thin fabric. I thought I could see the elastic of a pair of white boxers peeking just under her navel.

“Nikii,” she greeted me warmly. “How’s it going?”

Though I was a bit nervous, we chatted for a bit. I told her briefly about the work I’d done since starting my own makeup artistry company.

“Yes, Charlene told me all about you,” she winked. “You come highly recommended.” She licked her full lips. “So…what are your ideas for this shoot? I’m putting myself in your very capable hands.”

I paused for a minute. If she knew how fast raw heat was rising in me at that moment, she wouldn’t play with me like that.

Composing myself, I explained my vision: To give her a boyish look, I’d use minimal eye color, just using black and brown shades. Also, while I wanted her look to be tough, I did want to add a peach color to her cheeks to make her skin glow. I also wanted to add a very light lipgloss to make her lips pop, but still keep her boyishly feminine.

She agreed, and I quickly went to work. Her skin was so luminescent, that I only had to apply a very light foundation, with just a touch of concealer. I added a hint of dark color to her eyelids, and carefully groomed her eyebrows. After a touch of peach blush and clear gloss on her kissable lips, I stepped back so she could view my work.

“I like it. Very nice.” She winked at me. “You’re taking very good care of me. Thank you.”

Her warm smile sent an electric shock through me. “My pleasure. Anything you need.” Two could play this game.

She hopped out of the chair. The tank top had risen and the flash of caramel skin set my heart ablaze.

Just then, Trish walked in. “Wow. You look great, CeeCee.”

“Nikii did the makeup. Isn’t it nice?”

Trish looked directly at me. “It’s lovely.” I couldn’t help but blush.

Trish checked her watch. “We have to go. After we knock these scenes out, we can break for lunch, ok?”

“Sure. That’s fine. Nikii, come with us,” Ciara motioned towards the door, as she grabbed a black hooded sweatshirt and tossed it over her arm.

Once back in the warehouse, at the main performance area, the shoot was about to begin. All of the equipment was set up, and the crew was in place. Ciara did a quick rehearsal with the dancers just before filming began. Though the dancing was a rigid, military style, Ciara’s natural femininity couldn’t help but show through. Her body gracefully and easily moved through several complicated dance sequences.

Finally ready to begin, David called for everyone’s attention. He quickly explained the layout of the scene, and the overall look he wanted to achieve.

For the next several hours, Ciara moved easily from shot to shot. With few mistakes, she rapidly completed the first half-day of filming. I touched up her makeup in between takes, but she was such a professional, that each shot took, at most, only two or three takes each.

David was so pleased with the progress that he beamed when he announced that the hardest part of the shoot was completed and that we could break for lunch. After lunch, the rest of the day would be spent shooting the more glamorous portions of the video.

Ciara breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God! I’m starving.” Then she turned to me. “Come with us, Nikii.”

How could I resist?

Back in Ciara’s trailer, I sat with her and the rest of her style team to enjoy a light meal of baked chicken and steamed vegetables. She joked easily with all of us, her sparking personality shining brightly.

I then began to remove Ciara’s makeup and prep her skin for the next look. Seated in her director’s chair, her almond-shaped eyes sparkled with amusement as she watched me in the mirror. I thought I caught her winking at me, but I wasn’t sure.

I finished quickly. Even barefaced, her skin was still smooth and satiny. I resisted the urge to stroke it gently with my fingertips.

My job done for now, I took a seat in the back of the room as Trish and the rest of the team helped her change into the more feminine look.

After a quick shower, the team fit her for a satiny baby doll halter dress. The sparkly silver fabric hit just at mid thigh, and had a deep v-neck that went down to her toned stomach. A light coat of baby oil made her creamy caramel skin shine. Her delicate feet were fitted with silver strappy sandals. Silvery nail polish decorated her cute fingers and toes. Her jewelry was minimal; just diamond studs in her tiny ears and a diamond ring, set in platinum, on her finger.

Then her hair was spritzed to give it a wet and wavy look. Her jet-black tresses cascaded around her shoulders and down her back.

I was awestruck at her beauty.

Finally, it was time for me to make her up. I used soft, romantic pink shades to enhance the sparkly dress. A hint of silver shadow just underneath her eyebrows was the perfect accent. I added a set of long eyelashes, and finished them off with two coats of jet-black mascara. Rosy pinks on her cheeks and lips completed the soft look.

Gazing at herself in the mirror, she smiled and nodded her assent.

Just as we were about to head over to the set, Trish’s phone went off. David was concerned about the set design and needed Trish to come and give her input.

As she was leaving, Ciara spoke. “Actually, I need some quiet time for a minute. I’ll catch up with y’all shortly.” As we all filed out of the trailer, she spoke again. “No, Nikii. You stay,” she said softly.

“Lock the door.”

Surprised, I secured the trailer and turned to face her.

“Charlene said that you’re really talented. That makeup is not your only gift?”

Char’s words were like a splash of cold water on my arousal, which annoyed me. Yes, I like women. Love them. But why was Char putting me out there like that? Just telling people all of my personal business?

But then a crazy thought came to me: Was Char pimping me out? I shook my head. Of course not. How silly, I chided myself. But I couldn’t help but wonder–

“Baby, we don’t have much time…” she cooed.

She rose from the chair as I slid my hand underneath her halter and caressed a satiny breast. Braless, her nipples felt wonderful in my fingers. She moaned softly. I bent my head to kiss the nipple gently. I heard her sharp intake of breath.

I leaned down to kiss her toned stomach, the muscles rippling underneath the smooth skin.

“You want me, baby?” I teased.

She giggled. “Do NOT tease me. Besides, we don’t have time.”

My tongue continued to lap at the taut skin when an idea flashed in my mind. I stood up straight. “Turn around,” I ordered.

I turned her so that she was facing the mirror, and placed her hands on the table. Standing directly behind her, I wrapped my arms around her waist. She leaned back into me. Her hair cascaded around me, and I nuzzled the jet-black tendrils and inhaled her fragrance deeply. The light jasmine scent made me dizzy with need.

“You have to keep still. Don’t move,” I commanded. She whimpered softly.

Slowly, I kissed my way down her exposed back. The caramel flesh darkened crimson with passion.

Reaching the small of her back, I nipped the soft skin. She shivered and moaned at the tiny bites. I continued to nibble at the damp skin as I deftly raised the short dress. Her smooth, tight ass looked delicious. A flesh colored thong adorned her beautiful frame.

I planted gentle kisses over the expanse of her cute tush. She tried to wiggle away, but my hands held her firmly in place. The honeyed skin was delectable.

“Baby, please. Please…”

I slid the thin strip of lingerie over her ass and down her legs. Then I bent her over further and used my hands to gently part the heated flesh. Beads of moisture shone on her pink jewel. On a mission, I pointed my tongue and drove it deeply into her wet, hot pussy.

She jumped. “Ooooh! Damn, baby!”

The first taste only inflamed my passion. Gripping both cheeks, I dove head first into the syrupy sweetness. I licked and sucked furiously, moving back and forth over her engorged clit.

Every so often, I watched her watch herself in the mirror. Her eyes were closed and her face was contorted in pleasure. Her sighs and moans grew louder as her desire increased. One hand had slipped inside of the halter, and was stroking her rigid nipples.

I swirled my tongue over and over the drenched pussy lips. I could feel her juices all over on my face and I wanted more.

Needing to increase her passion further, I used my thumb to gently strum her clit. I glanced at her in the mirror again. I could read the ecstasy all over her face. Knowing I must have been close, I firmly inserted a finger into her hot pussy.

“Ahhh!” she screamed. “Oh my god!”

I added a second finger and increased my speed on her clit. Her moans rose louder and louder. Suddenly, her passion crested.

“Nikii!” Her eyes rolled back and she ground her ass further into me. I held onto her ass tightly as she rode out her climax. Her body swayed and threatened to collapse with the intensity.

“I got you. Don’t worry,” I said as she sagged against me.

She panted as I lowered the dress back over her ass. I rose and we held each other in a warm embrace. Her body continued to shake and I gently rubbed her back as she floated back down to earth.

We were both quiet for a moment. I would have loved to stay there with her. However, work won out, and we were forced to hastily pull ourselves together.

“Wait! You’re not ready yet.” I quickly touched up her makeup until it was flawless again.

“Thank you, baby” she sighed. “But we have to get back.” She hugged me for the last time. “Please tell Trish I’ll be out shortly.”

I quietly exited the trailer with a wave, and headed back to the main warehouse.


A few minutes later, Ciara came out looking impeccable and rocked the rest of the shoot. She hit several stylish poses, and looked great from every angle. The camera loved her pretty face and toned body. Her enthusiasm for performing was intoxicating. Again, her work was not only efficient, it was near flawless.

We styled her through two more costume changes. As the day progressed, I was definitely impressed with her work ethic. So many entertainers arrogantly wasted time on shoots. Not Ciara. I even found out that she gave bonuses to her staff if the work was completed ahead of schedule.

When David announced that the day was a wrap, cheers erupted throughout the set. The footage I’d seen looked awesome, and I was definitely proud of the final product. Later, as I hugged David goodbye, he promised to use me on other jobs.

As I packed up my equipment, Trish came up to me with a small envelope. “You were impressive today. I’m so glad I got to know you.”

I shrugged on my black leather jacket. “I loved it here. I had a great time. And don’t hesitate to contact me again.”

She extended her arms out for a hug. As we embraced, I felt her slide something in my jacket pocket. “I’ve called you a cab, so you should be fine.” She took a long look at me. “Don’t be a stranger, ok?” She smiled, as she turned and walked away, her ample ass swaying deliciously.

Before I could check to see what she’d put in there, I heard a light voice call my name.

“You can’t leave yet, Nikii.” Ciara hurried up to me, dressed again in the white bathrobe. “Thank you so much, darling. By the way, my regular makeup artist will be back tomorrow. But later this month, I’m doing some events out of the country, and I’m putting together a style team. What’s your schedule like?”

I grinned as I promised to contact her assistant to work out the details. Her smile sparkled. “Thanks again, hon,” she said as she reached out to hug me. As she pulled away, I felt her slide something in my pocket. “I’ll see you soon.” She winked and fluttered back to her trailer.

Just then, the taxi pulled up, and the driver loaded my equipment inside. Exhausted, I slid against the seat and closed my eyes. I’d really enjoyed the experience.

Suddenly, I remembered my pockets. I reached in one, and found a plain white envelope. Opening it, I found a check with double my fee tucked neatly inside. Thanks Trish, I mused.

In the other pocket was a pink post-it note. Just a phone number and the letter “C.”

Thanks, baby.

Life was definitely good.


The End

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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