by Tha_Virgo86

Her eyes are chocolate, skin is golden
That is only the start of her allure
With a smile that is seductive and pure
Her lips seem to be calling for my kiss
Her touch is sensual and erotic
I wonder if she can see the intent in my eyes
To taste the different flavors of her breasts and her thighs
To touch and tease the physique I have been eyeing
Somehow, she has consumed my thoughts without trying
Seeing the desire for more in her face
Yearning to be pulled in her gentle embrace
To show her how beautiful I believe she is
With me hungering for her passion in her kiss
As I wait for the time when my tongue can dance down her body
Exploring places on her frame that the sun does not see
To discover each and every mole and birthmark
Intending to be the one to make her back arch
Wishing to block any thoughts of everything but me and her
Longing for my hands to caress every curve of her figure
I crave for the sensation of her body next to mine
With me envisioning thoughts of sending chills up her spine
I am still admiring the beauty in her chocolate eyes and golden skin

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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