Brown Curiousity

It was another lonely Saturday night for Karyn as she sat in her dorm room alone again. Her roommate had left her to go party hopping around campus. It was her first week away at school and she was homesick.
As corny as it was she sat cross-legged on her bed and held Mr. Fluffster tight. Mr. Fluffster was her stuffed bunny. It didn't take long for her snotty roommate to make sarcastic remarks about it. She seemed to mock everything about Karyn.
Karyn, being the shy and introverted girl that she is, wasn't doing too well on the social scene her first week at school. While other freshmen took to college social life like ducks to water, Karyn's shyness and awkwardness seemed to hasten her, keeping her ashore.
She sighed, thinking to herself that she might as well do some laundry. After she had sorted her clothes and threw them into a heavy laundry bag, she grabbed Mr. Fluffster by the ears and decided that he could use a good cleaning too.
Karyn made her way down the four flights of stairs. The elevator was broken in her building and she rolled her eyes, "So much for paying thousands of bucks in tuition..." she thought to herself.
Once in the basement, she loaded her things in the washer and sat quietly reading a magazine while her clothes washed. There was no sense in walking up four flights (five counting the basement) of stairs and then back down and then back up again. She laughed at her own laziness, but reasoned that time down in the laundry room would give her a change of scenery, however brief.
Though Karyn felt she was too lazy for the constant trekking up and down stairs, she was still in shape--not quite in shape as she wanted to be endurance and stamina wise-but her body didn't show any signs of being unfit. She was about five foot five inches tall, had a very slender body and a dark and rich caramel complexion. Though she was what many would label "petite" she was also shapely. Her hips jutted out from her slim waist just so, and her smallish breasts were firm and perky at size 34 B. If she chose more fitted clothes you'd be able to tell that she had a tight little sexy shape but she still carried with her, her overly conservative style from high school. Her long brown mini-box braids were done in one large French braid down her back. Her brown somewhat narrowly shaped eyes hid behind a pair of glasses at nearly all times. Boys never paid much attention to her. In fact no one did. It was like she was invisible, especially after arriving on campus. That's why she was surprised when she heard someone speak to her.
"Hey..." A girl in the school's sweatshirt and a pair of track shorts and flip-flops came into the laundry room carrying a basket. She nodded to Karyn who barely gasped out a "Hey" back. She was so used to not speaking that it felt like her voice had atrophied somehow. The girl, whom seemed familiar, began to casually go about doing her laundry without much more conversation. Karyn looked at the girl from the corner of her eye. She seemed the athletic type with a thicker build than her own. Karyn could see nothing of the girl's shape under that huge sweatshirt she wore, but knew that her mocha brown legs were toned, strong looking and curvy. She had a sort of tomboyish quality about her, so it surprised Karyn that she wore baby pink toenail polish and seemed to have perfectly groomed feet.
The girl had since plugged in a pair of earphones and began listening to music on her iPod. She had a short bob style hair style that was bluntly cut just beneath her ears. Her bangs or the front of her hair was pulled up into a shiny metal hair clip. Karyn couldn't help spying on her from her magazine. After all, there was nothing else to look at.
After awhile of clandestine peeking, she and the girl locked eyes briefly. Karyn-not realizing that the girl had just thought they had merely made eye contact and didn't even realize she had been quietly spying on her-was embarrassed. She blushed a reddish pink and went back to her magazine, not looking up even once until the buzzer on the dryer went off.
Visibly upset, Karyn rushed to pile her clothes into her bag, not even folding them. Then she rushed out of the room and up the stairs. Once she got to her room, she was panting like a maniac.
"What's wrong with me?" Karyn asked herself, realizing that her extremely introverted and self-effacing personality had made her overreact to yet another situation. She was even more embarrassed about the way she tore out of there; it definitely made her look as if she were doing something wrong.
That girl must live in her building and though it was highly unrealistic she hoped to never see her again but...
Karyn's head jerked toward the aggressive sound made against the outside of her door. Who could that be? Someone for her roommate?
Her heart beat fast and then she peeked through her peephole.
She gasped inwardly. It was the girl from the laundry room! How did she know where she roomed?
"Hey, I know you're in there."
Karyn closed her eyes tightly and grimaced. If she didn't open the door the girl would think she was a total weirdo.
Karyn took a deep breath and tried to appear normal as she jerked open the door.
The girl stood before her, a smirk on her face as she held up Mr. Fluffster by the ears.
"You left this downstairs."
"Oh..." Karyn blushed again and gently took the stuffed animal. "Thanks."
"No prob. You ran out in the hurry, were you in a rush?" Karyn noticed how mauve and full her lips were and that her eyes were so dark it didn't even seem as if she had pupils. Her lashes were long and fluttered briefly, probably inadvertently, as she blinked. And in this light she could see that the girl's hair was actually a warm light brown. Her face was round and cherubic and she was cute if not pretty.
"Uhhh...I guess."
"You don't seem to be doing anything now. Unless you were in a rush to fold up your laundry in your room all by yourself."
Karyn didn't say anything, she just gave a weak smile.
"Hey," the girl said leaning against the doorjamb, "I don't like being in the basement either, but it gets really bad when I'm alone. I throw my clothes in a bag when I'm down there by myself though. That's why I was kinda bummed when you left..."
Karyn titled her head, surprised, "Really?"
"Yeah, soon as you left I went back to my place to finish up."
"Where are you?"
"First floor. Luckily I'm on the volleyball team and I'm in shape. Other wise my lazy ass would've never made the climb up here." She smiled, slightly biting her bottom lip. "So what are you doing here alone on a Saturday night? All the freshmen are pretty much gone...shit everyone's pretty much gone 'cept maybe me and you."
Karyn shrugged wondering how this girl knew she was a freshman, and peeved at herself that she didn't bother asking questions.
"Tell you what, why don't chill with me downstairs...Corrine? Is that your name?"
"Karyn. It's Karyn," She laughed nervously.
"Yeah, Karyn. That's right. Bring your laundry down and we can fold clothes together."
Karyn's heart almost beat through her chest. Someone wanted to actually hang out with her? She was about to answer when the phone rang.
"Ex-excuse me," Karyn ran to answer the phone. It was her mother. "Hey Ma..."
"Hey, Karyn..." The girl said, "You know where I am, downstairs, RA suite. I'll see you if you decide to come hang."
Karyn wasn't even listening to the words her mother was saying or the scores of questions she was inundating her with, she was just trying to figure out who this girl was. She was too shy to ask the simplest of questions. Apparently this girl knew her, and it would be really stupid if she hung out with a person having no idea of who she was or what even her name was. But the girl who brought back Mr. Fluffster was an RA, a senior who'd be graduating in May. "Wow she looks so young." thought Karyn, "My age." But she knew that the girl had no reason to lie, so knowing that she was an RA was something to go on.
"Umm hmmm..." Karyn answered disinterested in whatever her over protective nosy mother was saying as an idea crossed her mind, "Yeah, the food isn't bad at all..."
While she was on the phone she logged on to her school's website realizing that student housing had it's own page. While on the phone with her mom, she found a page that listed every RA along with their picture and a brief biographical blurb.
"The Girl" is known as Zaire Washington, class of '06. Volleyball MVP. Soon Karyn's earlier familiarity with the girl's presence could be explained. Zaire was "Zai" who spoke at the dorm's freshman meeting. How could Karyn forget? Karyn wasn't surprised though. She often lived inside of her head so much that she often tuned the outside world out. She was at the meeting but wasn't paying attention too much. She was too nervous to. But suddenly her memory was jogged. No wonder Zai knew who she was; she probably knew every one of the freshmen since it was basically her job to. But still, there were plenty of freshmen women so Zai had to have an incredible memory.
"Corrine" she said to herself, "At least she came close."
She snapped out of her thoughts when her mother asked, "Are you going to at least try and make some friends?"
"Sure," Karyn said, "I just think I found one."

Karyn managed to lug her bag of laundry down to the first floor and down to the RA suite. Zai was right. There was basically no one in the building.
As she knocked on the door she heard some music playing inside. It sounded like some old D'Angelo. Brown Sugar.
Zai answered the door dressed in a tight blue razor backed tank top and short black yoga shorts. "Hey come in."
Karyn came in and noticed that the spacious suite was larger and more comfortable than her room.
"This place is big. You have a roommate?"
"Nope. Just me. By myself, have a seat."
Karyn sat down on the couch. She had changed from her huge t-shirt and sweats into a slightly baggy short sleeved t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She stared at her sneakers as Zai busied herself in the kitchen.
Zai came back with a couple of drinks, "Coke?" She said offering Karyn the glass of dark fizzy liquid. Karyn took this from her tentatively for some reason. She just didn't want to come off as rude and aggressive. That was how she had been her whole life.
"Take it Ma, I don't bite."
Karyn sipped her soda while Zai sat in a chair across from her. True to her plans, she began folding her clothes. Karyn took this as her own cue to begin folding her laundry, as she loved having something to do with her hands since it diffused her nervousness...but soon they were chatting easily. It turns out they had much in common. Of course Zai did most of the talking, and half of that talking was asking questions.
"Yeah, since I've been throwing questions at you left and right, it's your turn," Zai commanded as she folded a t-shirt.
Karyn shrugged and said, "Well, what made you want to hang out with me?"
"Why wouldn't I want to?"
Though Karyn smiled inwardly she jokingly chided, "Hey no answering a question with a question. Besides. There's a reason I was all alone on a Saturday night."
"Well you're not alone now." Zai said in a softer voice than she had been using all night. It was low and silken. For some reason it had made Karyn feel a "certain" way. Her heart beat differently.
"Umm...well?" Karyn said, prodding her to answer the question.
"I've been watching you since orientation and you...well you sort of remind me of myself."
"I do? You have?"
"Yes and Yes."
"I don't know, you don't seem anything like me. I'm a spazz."
"I am too, it just doesn't show that much anymore," she winked at the younger girl. She stood up and said, "I'm going to freshen up my drink, what about you? You want a little rum in your coke? It's cool if you're not into it. You don't really seem..."
"Go ahead." Karyn answered enthusiastically. A little too enthusiastically. For some reason the prospect of drinking rum excited her. She had only sips of her parents' drinks on holidays but never a drink herself.
"Okay, I'll make it light. I mean I can trust you right?"
"I won't say anything."
"Good. I don't usually hang out with freshmen Karyn..." her voice trailed from the kitchen, "But I like you for some reason."
"You do?"
"Of course."
For some reason this made Karyn feel more at ease and even a little excited. She liked Zai too. She could tell she was her own person.
"So what are you doing home on a Saturday night Zai?"
Zai came back with the drinks and handed one to Karyn as she sat down on the couch next to her, "Chilling. You know how you just wanna chill sometimes? Alone?"
"Yeah, but you're not alone."
"Not anymore..." She turned sideways, leaning her elbow on the couch and resting the side of her face on her hand as she faced Karyn. Karyn smiled and turned until she faced Zai, all the while sipping her drink. Sipping it made her feel light headed and tingly all over, also giving her a numb feeling. For some reason, any amount of liquor she ingested sent signals right down to the area between her legs, even when she covertly sipped her mother and father's drinks. She didn't understand it why it happened, but the feeling was ten times stronger now since she was having her own drink.
"Make sure you slow down shorty."
"You're just as short as I am..." Karyn kidded, the liquor allowing her to come out of her shell more.
"Are you getting cute with me?"
Karyn laughed, "Never that, I'm not cute."
"Says you...I bet you got a body under there."
Karyn rolled her eyes and laughed, "Yeah right."
"You need to wear more fitted clothes. You'd look sexier."
"I don't know about that."
"I'm not talking about slutting it up Karyn. I'm just saying..." She reached out to touch Karyn's hair but soon she was hovering over the girl, her breasts in her face as she reached behind her and undid her braid. Karyn was nervous about Zai being so close, but she realized that she actually liked the warmth coming from her body, and the way she smelled fresh and new like some sort of sporty shower gel.
When she was finished, she fanned the hair around the girl's face and then pulled off her glasses.
"See. Pretty."
"Seriously." Zai smiled, she now rested her hand on Karyn's thigh.
"Hey Karyn?"
"I usually don't do this but..."
"I can trust you right?"
"Of course."
"Okay, 'cause I really feel like blazing up, if that's okay with you. I know you don't smoke but..."
Karyn tried hard to seem casual, "It's cool, go ahead."
"You don't smoke right?"
"Nah, I'm good, but you can fill me up," Karyn said pointing to her nearly empty glass.
Before the girl went to get her stash she had placed the two-liter bottle of coke, a tray of ice cubes and a bottle of Puerto Rican rum in front of Karyn. "Help yourself Ma." And that's what Karyn did, not realizing that she was a little heavy handed with the rum until she tasted her drink. She nearly gagged as Zai was coming into the room. Rather than embarrass herself she decided to just deal with it.
Zai sat across from her with the cover of a shoe box and began to break apart her weed. Then she deftly rolled a blunt. "Just in case you want some Mama."
When she was finished she lit up and sat next to Karyn again, this time even closer in proximity to her. She began to smoke, the room filled with a fragrant and heady aroma Karyn recognized from when her older brother smoked by himself in his room that past summer, blazing up as soon as their parents went to work.
"So tell me about you Ma..." Zai implored as she smoked and took sips of her drink. The liquor made Karyn more loquacious than she'd ever been, and she was enjoying the fact that Zai truly seemed to listen to her. Soon she was talking up a storm and pouring herself another drink. It was corny but she felt so cool to be in an older student's room talking and drinking, it being no big deal as she smoked her weed. Zai offered once more but Karyn refused. She probably didn't even need to puff, she was already catching a contact buzz from the smoke. Her drink and the smoke puffing from Zai's mouth making her high and relaxed, so she didn't really mind when Zai put her head in her lap.
"You don't mind do you Ma?" Zai said looking up into Karyn's eyes.
"No, it's cool." Karyn said, surprised at how much she liked Zai being so close to her. She looked at the smoothness of Zai's dark caramel navel, which peeked out from between her tank and her shorts. She and Zai were almost the same complexion. She wondered if it was just the liquor or if she were really getting excited from being this close to Zai. Secretly she adored her little tomboyish mannerisms and the way she called her "Ma" and "Mama".
"I'm tripping." Karyn thought to herself, "I'm being weird again." Sometimes Karyn would get the same feelings about girls that she got around guys. Except that with the girls she had more of a "physical" taboo feeling. Like she'd get nervous around a guy she liked but around certain girls she'd want to know what they looked like naked or how it was like to touch them. Since she lived in her head a lot, sometimes fantasies would crop up unexpectedly. She day dreamed about nothing too scandalous, but sometimes she imagined being in a locker room certain girls while she undressed, or she imagined touching a girl's breasts and nipples. Karyn always pegged this as curiosity about women in general, and how she measured up to the rest of them. But she had to admit the fact that thinking these things gave her "special" feelings.
Those special feelings were happening between her thighs as Zai laid her head on top of them blissfully blowing away.
"You sure you don't want one puff?"
"Well, okay...fine."
Zai sat up and quickly slid down the couch and onto the floor. Then she knelt in front of Karyn, positioning her body between her legs. Karyn was taken aback at this as she looked down upon Zai's pretty full face. Zai reached up and placed the blunt between her lips. "Relax. Inhale some, and breathe out...real smooth baby doll."
Karyn almost melted upon being called "Baby Doll". This was enough to relax her as she slowly inhaled.
"That's it," Zai said still holding the blunt up to her lips, "Take it like a big girl."
As Karyn exhaled she felt an overwhelming calming buzz. She smiled.
"So you likey?" Zai said still kneeling between her legs as she took another toke.
"It''s different...but I..." Karyn began giggling, "I likey."
Zai snickered as she placed the blunt up to her lips again, "Umm...I love the way you a pro... but real slow and sensual like."
The word "sensual" sent yet another jolt down to the place between Karyn's thighs. "No one has ever called me 'sensual'."
"Or sexy?"
"That's a damn shame. I think you are."
Karyn blushed.
"There's that same blush from earlier..." She said, "It's cute..." She slid back up on the couch next to Karyn, "Why'd you run away from me earlier?"
Karyn shrugged, "I don't know. Guess I was just scared."
Zai placed the blunt down in an ashtray and then turned back towards the girl, "You scared of me now?" Zai reached out and touched Karyn's arm.
Karyn's heart beat hard and fast as her eyes locked with Zai's. She could almost lose herself in those big beautiful dark orbs of liquid ebony.
"I don't think so."
Zai reached up and gently caressed Zai's face as she smiled. What was going on here? Was it Karyn's imagination, or could Zai have that same "special feeling" she had?
"Nah..." Karyn said, shrugging only in her mind, "Why would a girl like Zai feel that way about me?"
"It's late you can sleep over if you want."
"Okay well, maybe I should get my sleep clothes."
Zai laughed, "You've got a whole bag of folded laundry down here. You mean to tell me you've got nothing to sleep in?"
Karyn shrugged, "True."
"Besides, if you didn't I'd lend you something."
Karyn was floored with just the very idea of staying over, but if she was going to she wanted to be more sober since that increased the likelihood of her NOT doing or saying something to offend her new friend.
"Um...can I use your shower?" She asked, thinking a cold shower would help.
"Be my guest."

Karyn soaped herself up in the shower, realizing that there would be no way that she could do a cold shower tonight. But the hot water only made matters worse, the heat stimulating parts of her body where she got those tingling special feelings.
When she finished she walked out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel on, not realizing that maybe she should be a little more modest. But the liquor and the trees she had smoked had made her-while not absolutely wild-way more uninhibited than she thought she'd ever be. However around Zai, she had a feeling that she'd feel this comfortable regardless. She didn't expect Zai to be in the bedroom, yet for some reason there she was, "You want another drink before bed?"
Karyn took the drink without hesitation, and downed it quickly. It gave her a head rush.
"Whoa, slow down little Mama I don't want you to wake up sick."
Zai began to pull off her shorts to reveal a pair of skimpy black boy shorts underneath. Zai was not ashamed of getting undressed in front of her, but noticed that Karyn was a bit timid.
"Oh, yeah you're naked under there huh?" She smiled, "I'll turn around."
As Zai turned around Karyn checked out her ass. It was round and full and firm and looked so good in those panties. Karyn quickly pulled on a pair of full cut cotton panties and a t-shirt that she had pulled out of her laundry bag.
"Okay, done."
Zai turned around and smiled, "Nice, too bad that shirt isn't shorter. Is everything you own two sizes too big? I swear one day I want to see you in something fitted."
"Why?" Karyn giggled.
Zai rolled her eyes and approached Karyn. She ushered her over in front of a full-length mirror and pulled the loose shirt she wore tightly against her body, "Look at those little hips? Those nice breasts. That shape...your thighs are even thick. You're little but you're tasty as hell."
Karyn blushed as Zai let go of her shirt. "I'm sorry, I'm getting carried away. I'm high. I hope you don't think I'm trying to molest you or anything."
"Now why would I think that?" Karyn said turning around to face Zai with a sly look in her eyes.
Pretty soon they were in bed, and Karyn was still talking her head off when she felt Zai wrap her arms around her waist and pull her close. She was so close, she could feel her soft warm moist breath on her neck, the firm dent of her breasts against her back, her stomach and most likely her pussy touching her ass, the front of her thighs touching the back of hers. They were the closest they've ever been. This time Karyn couldn't speak. She was too busy trying not to breathe. She didn't want to disturb this moment.
"I'm sorry, I'll let go if you want me too."
"I don't."
They lay there in the dark, Zai breathing on the girl's neck surprised that soon Karyn would relax and press back into her.
Zai slid her hand up Karyn's shirt, against the tautness of her belly, up until she reached one of her perky little breasts, the nipple already rock hard. She heard Karyn hiss and press herself back further into her.
"I'll stop if you want me to..."
"No. Don't stop..." Karyn answered breathlessly. This was feeling so good. This is what she truly wanted. She didn't think about whether this was wrong or right since no one had ever touched her this way before.
Karyn couldn't help feeling that the older girl must've have been experienced. She had made Karyn feel so many tingles and shots of warmth throughout her body as she kneaded her breasts and tweaked her nipples while kissing her neck and gently nibbling her ear. Karyn's body was on fire. She was surprised at herself when she turned over to face Zai and stroke her face. She was staring into Zai's eyes wishing, hoping that she would...
And then she did. Zai moved in slow and began to gently kiss her. Karyn moaned into the girl's mouth. Her very soul seemed ready to fly out of her body. A thousand tiny pin pricks of pleasure prickled every part of her, and she felt higher than she had ever been all night. It was her first kiss. And it was with a girl! Somehow this turned Karyn on even more.
She let instinct take over, not over thinking things like she usually did as she let Zai gently kiss her and nibble her bottom lip, running her hands down the length of her body. When she kissed back it was smooth and sensual, though tentative, just like the first time she smoked.
Soon Karyn was on her back, her hard nipples pointing toward the ceiling as Zai kissed her face and neck. Karyn was writhing with pleasure. She had never been touched this much. No wonder girls like her roommate liked to make out. It was fun. But she wondered if they had ever tried it with a girl. Was it different? She couldn't tell if Zai knew that her slow and sweet ways were teasing her up into a tizzy or if she was just taking it slow upon presuming the girl's inexperience. Either way, Karyn couldn't complain.
But then things began to advance once Zai finally penetrated the younger girl's mouth with her tongue, languidly licking against Karyn's, sucking and moaning. Before Karyn knew it, her shirt was completely off and Zai kneaded and played with her nipples as she nibbled at the timid girl's neck, making her moan louder than even she expected.
Now they were breathing heavily and kissing and touching, the dark room full of the moaning and yearning of the two libidinous brown bodies. Zai had succeeded in making Karyn want her badly. She realized this when Karyn began pulling at Zai's shirt so that she could touch the older girl's heavier fuller breasts.
Once Zai's shirt was off, Karyn could see the full chocolate brown areolas in the little bit of light that streamed in from living room through the cracked bedroom doom. When she held one of Zai's breasts, thumbing the nipple, Zai threw her head back and moaned. This excited Karyn to no end, making her moan too. She had no idea that she had the power to make someone like Zai moan. They began kissing again, their hands on each other's firm round breasts, fingers plucking and twisting at hard nipples, hissing and moans filling the empty darkness.
Karyn thought she would lose her mind once she felt the tip of Zai's tongue on her nipple. Her whole body stiffened, and she felt a new encroaching feeling. What was happening to her?
Zai knew. "You like your titties sucked huh?"
Karyn burned between her thighs hearing such crass language. It was naughty and it turned her on even more. Zai began to swirl her tongue around each of the girl's nipples as Karyn's eyes rolled up in the back of her head with a pleasure she had never known before. Then Zai began to suck on each nipple, making a plopping sound as she pulled each one out of her mouth and began the assault again.
"Oh God...something's happening to me..."
When Zai heard that, she concentrated on one breast and locked her lips in suction around one of the girl's nipples, then she sucked on her tit. Softly then harder and harder as her tongue rapidly flicked against the hard nipple.
"Ohhh, oooooh God!" Karyn cried out feeling the most divine waves of pleasure wash over her body, her inner muscles convulsing and her breathing becoming shallow.
When Karyn was finished, Zai let go with a plopping sound, "Hmmm. That's sexy. I love a girl that can cum just from me messing with her tits."
"I what?"
"You came."
Karyn frowned in misunderstanding.
"You know. An orgasm. A climax?" Zai scoffed. "Just how innocent are you baby doll? They don't make your type anymore."
Finally Karyn had put two and two together. This was what it was like to "cum"? She had heard people talk about it all the time. For some strange reason she didn't associate this with the technical and mysterious word "Orgasm" that she'd also heard about from TV shows and read about in health books and women's magazines. A smile spread wide across her face.
"Wow." She said.
"I know. Don't tell me that was your first time?"
"Holy shit Karyn!" Zai smiled. "You never even touched yourself?"
"Well...not really to the point of...I didn't really know what I was doing..."
Zai laughed again.
"Would you stop laughing at me?"
"Okay okay." She said kissing the girl on the forehead. Karyn was instantly appeased.
"So you've touched yourself down there before right?"
"Yeah I guess."
"Can I?"
Karyn couldn't say no. Zai slipped her finger into the girl's panties, and they both moaned when her fingers touched the sticky wetness of Karyn's snatch.
"You are so fucking wet." Zai said, her fingers slippery against the girl's slit and inside the girl's slit. "And tight. Fuck." Zai bit her bottom lip.
"Do you like that?" Karyn asked, not realizing how moist her pussy was.
"Hell fucking yeah." Zai said hissing again as she let her fingers travel up to the girl's clit. Immediately Karyn's hips bucked. "Oh shit..."
"That's right, you're still a little sensitive huh?" Zai began to kiss the girl again as she fingered her wet slippery tight core. Zai slipped two fingers inside of the girl and began to stroke in and out of her wet and tight pussy. By now Karyn was spread open for the girl and very receptive of her touch.
The kissing and finger fucking awakened Karyn's yearning, especially since Zai whispered nasty things in her ear like, "You like when I put my fingers in that tight little pussy? Huh?"
"Yuuuhhhhesss!" Was all Karyn could manage as Zai now went to her hard protruding clit, rubbing the tip and pressing deep into her pelvic bone.
"Oh's gonna happen...again..."
Zai's fingers went faster and pressed harder against her pelvic bone, giving Karyn a heavy anticipating feeling.
"Ahhh ahhha yess!"
By now Karyn was moaning loudly in Zai's ear as she came again. Convulsion after convulsion shook her soul as Zai continued to rub her clit into orgasm after orgasm. Karyn came and came until finally it became way too painful. She pushed Zai's fingers away and covered her breasts. Her body was so sensitive that she could hardly stand to brush against her new lover's skin.
After Karyn had come again Zai held her.
"You alright?"
"Yeah, I'm more than alright."
"I feel like I took advantage of you in a're so innocent."
"But you didn't even get anything. I mean you didn't..."
"I did."
"But I didn't even touch you."
"Crazy isn't it. I didn't even touch myself."
Karyn tried to wrap her mind around that for a minute.
"But now that you mention it, maybe I will..."
Zai quickly pulled off her panties and lay on the bed, her legs spread while she tentatively played with her slit.
"I uhhh. I don't know what to do." Karyn said, intimidated with just even thinking about the task of making this girl cum.
"I told you, I'm going to do it myself."
"But I feel selfish."
"It's not all about cumming all of the time. I got my pleasure from pleasing you."
"Yeah. Some people are like that. Sometimes I don't even cum when I'm with someone. Sometimes I don't even want to," she explained while still rubbing her moistened slit.
"Well I feel bad because I wanted to..." And she almost wanted to again as she watched Zai touch herself.
"Don't baby. It's all good. Listen you know what you can do?"
"What's that?"
"Why don't you suck on my titties while I flick my clit."
Karyn felt relieved. That was something she could do. She began to lick and suck at the older girl's titties as she brought herself off. Zai loved the way the girl's lips and tongue felt on her hard sensitive nipples. She swirled tight little rapid circles around the tip of her clit. She felt a sensation in her body, as if she were winding back a coil, until it was at it's tightest point and then...
"Ahhhhhhhhhh Karyn!" She screamed as that coil sprung loose, over and over again, making her body convulse and her eyes roll back. Karyn was enthralled listening to her new lover cum, watching her hips move off of the bed to meet her fingers. She couldn't believe that she was apart of this process, of making her cum One day she wanted to learn how to touch Zai herself, to make her feel as good as the way Zai had made her felt.
When Zai was finished, Karyn held onto her tightly.
"Thanks Mama."
"You're welcome." Karyn answered as she settled in pressed against the girl's warm body. They were quiet and then sleep soon made their eyelids heavy, their bodies becoming lax.

Part 2