by Sewl

let me breathe into
you like Chicago winds
catch some whispers on your neck
where your pulse begins
curiosity makes me wonder what you got within
is it love or is it pain or is it sin
let me take you to some places
where we both have been
see the difference now ma'
is the growth in us
and this growing got me wishing for some change in us
my lashes got me cleverly avoiding your gaze
but I'm seeing
what you been thinking
when you grip my head
and these sheets ain't getting no wrinkles
can you come to bed
move mountains with my spirit
between us nothing is said
but there is richness in a glance
chance in concept so just be conceptual
while my need becomes what it becomes
this is more than some sexuals
and because of a we
love blooms

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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