by Reddsoul

Can't be without you, though at times it seems that's the best place for me
Folk runnin' thru tha streets, verbal attacks 'bout you in tha sheets.with another
A lot of tha shit made me wonder.Hell are we best as just friends? Others sayin' "Why tha Hell, you would even wanna be that?" Scratching my head curious 'bout this attack..I mean people who have lived in a glass house, should know rock throwin' is a no, right?
Sometimes you make me smile, my heart, my soul.My whole being is a glo!
But you have also made me weep, disturbed much needed sleep..with arguments that often came because of others having conflict.which pissed me off cause that was bullshit! I won't put it all on them, that wouldn't be fair. But girl you did have me wanting to pull out my hair!
*shakin' my head*
We definitely had our share of ups & downs.the best times seemed to be when no one else was around *smiling to myself*
Can't be without you though it's probably the place for me, thinking back a lot of times you made me smile.
"No matter what tha people say, I'm gonna love you anyway.I can't let you go" Anthony Hamilton, that damn song got my head spinnin'.
I know things have definitely changed between us and I have apologized for it..I wish nothing but good things for you in the future..

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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