by Countess

Set me free, for i'm a caged being, who has time for one last WOW!!! Set me free to soar w/ you into the world of loving, set me free onto the passion that fills your soul w/ hunnie & words of love & passion...need no disguised for the loving feeling you recieve everytime i touch that tender spot... unleash the magik that you wanted to unleash fo quite some time me the true face of your future, let me be apart , let's embark on many treasures that lay beneath the stones of the seashores...take a carefree walk into my eyes, see & feel me , touch me, enhance your senses to my aura & fill it w/ the understanding that we both share, hold my hand & take a step forward, throw your jordans in & kick up your feet... Soft lips filled w/ your kisses is what I crave for every bed-time nite... you have become my songbird of truth & light, work w/ me & create passion filled nites , set the sky on fire, paint the town red, gray & blue, MUAH my love MUAH!!! This one's for you...

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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