by Marsha Blue

it has been only 7 days 3 hr 22 minutes and 54 sec.
Am I really just going crazy.
When people ask if I am ok
I want to just scream that I can never be just ok
I have lost the one person that I was
true to
you see when I met her she was and is
my soul mate
she might not see that
she had it with me
I was it for her
I took things that no one would take
and she knows that I can make her
all I wanted was to make her happy
but she has been through it all
she has been torn down to build
this wall
and I am digging through with a fork
she has not made it easy

if we all stop ourselves from finding that one
even after we have been torn, ripped, raped
and left exposed
then we all would be lonely
we all would be on defense
she is always on defense
and I promised her that I would give her
what she needed to make it all right
but I had never done this before
I am not built to handle that
my heart is so fragile
I hurt so easily
that I couldn't finish what I promised
I am so sorry

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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