by Naughtydred

Add the look in your eyes

With the tiny hem and your pleats

Ma rolling in commando

Sizing me up as fresh meat

Watch as tables get turned

With you laid across my knees

Barehanded got butt cheeks a-stinging

Smacks measured to deliberate degree

Goosebumps rise for each pop delivered

Nips stiffen your slit gets so wet

Body talk begs me to discover

Just how deep I can get

Loving to feel my weight on you

Taking the length of my strap

Pinned with your thighs on my shoulders

Rhythm like old-school Boom Bap

Won't let you cum 1st position

I will stand while you ride

Your legs locked tight 'round my middle

No where for your passions to hide

From the wall to the sink to recliner

Any leverage to encourage your scream

Digging so deep and you love it

I swear I won't stop till you cream

All up in you I will linger

Until you quiver to a halt

Holla my name I take blame

Your satisfaction can be all my fault

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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