by Ava Barbi

Dip your fleshy tongue into my slit,
Glide across my quivering clit.

Nerve endings shattering into scintillating ripples,
I teeter on the edge of an erotic abyss,
Ample maple-brown ass dripping-wet from your kiss,
My lathered fingers lazily tugging at your turgid nipples.

Writhing with plump hips,
My temperature climbing higher,
I surf upon the tumid crests of your lips,
A liquid entity morphing into desire,

Your drunken tongue gulps down 50-proof
Crashing waves,
Then withdraws --
Its intention to tease rather than to soothe.

Teeth nibbling like fish on coral reef
Expose my pearl,
So you lick, suck, dive,
Submerge yourself into my marine world.

Then coming up for air only to watch me launch
Into a sea of profanity --
Indecipherable insanity.
All the while youíre coaxing the ocean from my conch.

Lured into your whirlpool of ecstasy,
Like a wanton sailor following the siren home,
I am lost in your seductive reverie,
Inebriated from the sight of my own bubbling sea foam.

As we soothe each otherís soreness in the twilight's endorphin-loaded bliss,
This sistaís thankful for your love and lust on lubricous nights like this.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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