by SkyeRose

If I were to say:

Because the outcome of my physical wetness
And the dryness of my internal desire
Has combined to form a lukewarm shade
I am desperate within my grasp for sexual freedom
The options of female counterparts have lacked
Energy of the exploding mind is silent
Where it normally drives me
From a force of natural chemistry
To a nuclear explosion...
Desiring you
Wanting you
By molesting my mind and sensual emotions...
Before you even touch me...

Dare to respond?....

She says to me:

The outcome of being physically wet pales at the thought and future of being drenched in passionate waters
The tide of such bringing forth the treasures of my ocean
Naturally, the dryness of an emotion needing antonymous attention can be quickly attended to
So my idea pool cools in your lake-bed
A place where I swim, quenching all thirst and desire.
Your flames can be doused with pleasure
Sprinkled with pain
And cause you to flood your being with a sweet flowing satisfaction.
Your stream collecting into areas where sex equals perfection.
And if you calculate the number of times where you and ecstasy meet
Or the outcomes of conversing with pleasure
Then out cums you: entirely slain
That death becoming craved more than the wildest of fantasies
My cool caress touches the blazing alter of your mind.
I welcome your flame...

And I melt!

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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