Harper Burgess felt her cell phone vibrating on her hop. Keeping her eyes on the road, she reached down, unclipped the phone from her hop and flipped it open. "Yes?" she said.
"Please tell me you are on a plane and headed her to rescue me." Harper heard the panicking voice of her best friend phoenix.
"Baby what's wrong?" Harper laughed.
"My mom is driving me crazy and it seems like I'm the only one who is worried about this graduation. I'm not going to make it another day."
"Sure you will. What's up with you mom? What's she doing?"
"Besides getting on my nerves? Bugging the hell out of me about me getting her in time, us getting to the graduation in time. Everything." Harper had to laugh. She knew all about her friend and her mother's relationship. She spent countless nights listening to phoenix complain about her mother. Even the one state distance didn't affect their communication process. The other was always the first one the other would call whenever they needed to talk or whatever. They worked for the same organization and met ten years ago at a conference.
Unfortunately their work schedules and their distance did not allow them to se much of each other. They did make a point of attending every major event in each other's lives though. Harper went to Louisiana when phoenix's father died, when her daughter graduated from high school and was going in two days to attend her daughter's graduation from college. Phoenix went to Texas when Harper's mother dies. They did take two vacations together.
"You guys are gonna be fine, and don't worry about the graduation. Everything will be fine." Harper promised her friend.
"So you are going to meet us at the school right?"
"Yes. But remember that I have to leave right after the graduation. Gotta get back here and get this stuff together for this presentation."
"Okay. Thanks for calming me."
"That's what I do."

Harper opened the bathroom door to clean the mirror of some of the steam from the shower. She wiped the mirror and looked in it at her bed. The frame under the white sheet hardly moved. She proceeded to brush her teeth and moisturize. The body stretched, and then up from under the sheets it came.
"Morning." Harper said.
"Morning," the lady said back. She sat up and pulled her knees up to her chest. "Why are you up so early? Come back to bed."
"I cant. Remember I told you I have to get to the airport early. You can stay as long as you need. Just lock up when you leave." Harper hoped that she would take the clue, get up and get ready to go.
"Oh. I forgot you said you had to go to Louisiana. I'll get up." She got out of bed and peddled her naked body into the bathroom with Harper. She came up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist. Harper hoped that the towel wrapped around her waist didn't fall. "Maybe," she kissed Harper on her back, "I can," kiss, "persuade," kiss, "you to," kiss, "stay." Harper turned and took her in her arms.
"As tempting as that sounds sweetie I have to go." She leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. The lady moaned lightly, denoting her disappointment.
"Call me when you get back?" she rested her head on Harpers chest.
"First thing," Harper said.
"Kay. Well I guess I can go without you a day," she looked up at Harper and smiled. Harper faked a smile.

The plan was for Harper to fly to LA, rent a car, drive to Torrance's school and call phoenix to find out where they were sitting. Phoenix, her mother and her ex husband, Don had already driven down that morning. Other family members either drove their own cars or flew in. After the graduation Harper would have to head back to the airport and come right back to Texas. Harper pulled the light blue Chrysler 300 into the parking space that a young coed had directed her to. She got out of the car and dialed phoenix's cell.
"Hey. I'm here," she said into the phone.
"Cool. We are on the right side, right in the middle and six levels up. You can't miss uncle Charlie. He is wearing his usual outlandish attire," phoenix said.
"I can't wait. See you in a minute," Harper laughed. She remembered that last time she was uncle Charlie. He was dressed in a plaid suit. He had a matching hat and red alligator shoes. You couldn't tell him that he wasn't dressed to the nines. Harper followed phoenix's instructions and automatically saw uncle Charlie. She couldn't miss him in his florescent green short set with a matching baseball cap. Harper found; upon closer inspection, that his knee high socks matched the set as well as the gaters of course.
"There my girl. Girl you sho is fine. I just wanna take you and keep you in a jar you so fine," uncle Charlie said as Harper climbed the stairs.
"Hey uncle Charlie," Harper smiled. Uncle Charlie pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. Phoenix laughed as Harper gave her the eye. Uncle Charlie let her got and Harper handed out hugs to the rest of the family.

After the graduation Harper stayed around just long enough to see Torrance. She congratulated the girl, handed her a card and told her that she had to leave. She caught her plane back to Texas and settled in to get her presentation together.
Harper got a call from phoenix two weeks later.
"Hey you. What's going on?"
"Me and Torrance are coming to Texas this weekend. I hope you don't have plans," phoenix said.
"Surprisingly I don't. What's the occasion?" Harper asked.
"Just me and my baby finally taking some time to be together before she has to start working. Don't worry about us taking up your time. We are just gonna hang out. You don't eve have to take off work or anything."
"Oh that's fine. So I'll get some clean linen out for you guys."
"Don't put yourself out. We can stay at a hotel."
"No you don't. Mi casa is you casa," phoenix laughed.
"Okay. But like I said, don't change your schedule. Except maybe if you were planning some hot weekend with some hot little number. We might not want to be in the mix of all of that."
"My schedule is clear. You are safe."
"Okay. I'll call you tomorrow and let you know about what time we'll be in."
"I'll talk to you later then," Harper said. Phoenix hung up and sat back in her chair. She and Harper have been friends for some time and not once has anything jumped off between them. Even when they first met they established a friendship and never crossed that line; not by choice for phoenix. She was attracted to Harper from the beginning but never said anything. This weekend; however, she would try to see if anything could kick off.

Harper was outside watering the lawn when the phone rang. This was one of those rare occasions when she took off on Fridays and had nothing to do. She had planned it that way thought. Phoenix had said that she and Torrance would be arriving about three and they just wanted to rent some movies, order some takeout and chill. That sounded just fine with Harper. She needed a day with just her best friend.
"Hello," she answered the phone.
"I'm lonely," she heard a voice say. It took her some time before she put the voice with the name.
"Are you now?" Harper turned off the water and sat down in a patio chair.
"Yes and you wanna know what I'm lonely for?"
"Tell me." Harper decided to play along for a moment. She knew how far to take it with Dandy while keeping her at lengths.
"I'm lonely for your lips on mine. I'm lonely for your hands on my body. I'm lonely for your tongue..."
"Whoa whoa," Harper stopped her before she went any further. "What are you trying to do to me?" She heard Dandy moan. Harper closed her eyes and swallowed hard. She was hardly lacking in the sex section but she was a woman and Dandy was sexy as hell.
"What would you like for me to do to you?" dandy asked.
"Hold that thought."
"I have company coming today."
"Another woman? Should I be jealous?"
"No and no. Phoenix and her daughter are coming to hang out."
"Well I guess I can go a weekend without your touch."
"You sure about that?"
"No but I'll try. Say, I'm over here and things are a can I say it...heated. Think you can talk me through this? You know what your voice does to me."
"I can see you are not going to let me off easy are you?" Harper was already headed back into the house and to her bedroom.

When phoenix and Torrance arrived at Harper's, they found her car in the drive way but she didn't answer the door. Harper had told her that if she didn't get an answer to just use the key under the mat and let herself in. She did just that. They heard the shower running and knew that Harper was home, just busy. Phoenix prayed that she was alone.
"I'ma go and knock and let her know we are here," phoenix said.
"I'll get the bags," Torrance said. Phoenix went into Harper's bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door.
"Honey I'm home," she called.
"Hey you. Be out in a minute. Make yourself at home." Harper called back. Phoenix when back out into the living room. Torrance was coming in with the bag.
"Put them in that other bedroom," she told Torrance.
"This is a cool house. Was she here?" Torrance asked.
"Yeah she was in the shower. She'll be out in a minute."
"Cool. Is there another bathroom?"
"Yeah there's one in that room." Phoenix heard the shower shut off and a few minutes later Harper emerged.
"There's my girl," Harper said. She and Phoenix hugged. "Your trip was okay?"
"It was fine. We made it here in no time," Phoenix said. She was drinking a beer.
"Where's Torrance?"
"She went in to put the bags up and use the restroom. You sure that we are not going to be a burden on you?"
"Not at all. I am so looking forward to this weekend. You don't even know."
"So am I."
"Hey." Torrance came out of the bedroom. Harper looked at the young girl and realized how much she had grown. She didn't remember her looking like that at the graduation. She looked so much like her mom. Harper always thought that Phoenix was sexy but the degree of their relationship always forced her to keep her desires at bay.
"Hey Torrance. I'm Glad you could make it. Did you find everything okay?" she hugged the girl.
"Yeah. This is a really nice house. I can't believe you live here all by yourself." Torrance said.
"Thank you. I'm not much for roommates. You guys hungry? What can I get you?"
"I'm good for now," Phoenix lifted her beer bottle and smiled.

" your mom decides that she needs to take a dip. She takes off all of her clothes and jumps in the fountain." Harper is telling Torrance about a vacation that she and phoenix once took. Phoenix is sitting on the floor laughing. Discarded Chinese boxes liter the coffee table along with empty beer and wine cooler bottles. Torrance is lying on the couch and Harper is sitting in a big chair by the patio door.
"You wanna tell stories huh? Tell her about when we went to Martinique and you met that chick," Phoenix says.
"No we don't want to go there," Harper gets up and collects some of the bottles from the table. "Anybody want something else to drank?"
"That's it for me. I can barely keep my eyes open," Harper confesses.
"You never could hold yours could you?"
"If you ladies will excuse me I am going to retire. We are not getting up too early tomorrow are we Torrance?"
"I hope not," Torrance answers. Phoenix gets up off the floor. She and Harper exchange hugs and she leans down and gives Torrance a kiss on the cheek.
"See you in the morning. Try not to stay up too late." Phoenix goes into the bedroom. Harper takes the bottles into the kitchen and gets herself another wine cooler.
"Want one?" she asks Torrance.
"You trying to get me drunk?" the girl calls back. Harper looks a little confused for a moment and then brings the girl another wine cooler. She hands the bottle to Torrance. "What you got good over there to listen to?" Torrance points to Harper's CD collection. Harper moves over to the collection and thumbs through.
"Just some Eijay, Black Eye Peas, Randy Crawford, what's your pleasure?"
"My pleasure isn't really music," Torrance moves off the couch and down on the floor with Harper. She touches her leg and moves her hand up her thigh.
"Torrance what are you doing?"
"Confused? I don't see why. I've been watching you watching me all night and I have to admit that I have been checking you out too." She moves closer practically sitting between Harper's legs.
"I don't think..."
"Shhhhh," she places two fingers on Harper's lips and then moves in closer and replace her fingers with her lips. They kiss softly. Harper is stunned. Too stunned to move. She forces herself out of the trance.
"Torrance we cant does this. Your mom is in the next room."
"My mom is fast asleep and I am a grown woman. She doesn't dictate my life. I want you Harper. I have been thinking about you all night, wondering what your tongue would feel like inside of me." Harper has to catch her breath. Here she was sitting on her living room floor what a beautiful sexy young girl sitting between her legs begging her to take her and her damn mother, her best friend was in the next room. What to do?
"Torrance I cant do this. Phoenix is my best friend," Harper forces herself up from the floor. She takes a long swallow of her wine cooler then realizes that she needs another. She goes into the kitchen and gets another bottle from the refrigerator. She opens the bottle and takes another drink. She turns and finds that she is only about three inches away from Torrance.
Torrance takes the bottle from her and takes a drink herself. She places the bottle down on the counter and close the space between she and Harper. She moves her hands up and down Harper's body. She leans up and kisses her on the neck. Harper again is too stunned to move. She close her eyes and wonders to herself what she is doing and what is about to happen. Torrance's touch is so soft, her scent is so soft.
Harper has to find out if her body is just as soft. She is the one who is now moving her hands up and down the young girls body. She takes Torrance's face in her hands and lowers her lips to hers. She takes the girls mouth very carefully so not to scare her although she doubts that this one could be scared off easily. Before she knows it she feels Torrance's tongue inside her mouth. The girl is chasing Harper's tongue around in her mouth. Harper plays back. Torrance becomes even more aggressive as she pushes her hands up Harper's shirt and takes both her breast in her hands.
Harper pulls away from the kiss and lets her head fall back. She lets out a heavy sigh. Regaining her composure she lowers her head again and kiss Torrance on her neck, first with light kisses then with stronger ones and finally she is sucking the side of the girl's neck. She is sure that the force of her sucking will leave a mark but she doesn't care. She is confident that Torrance is not worried about any love marks either. The girl pulls Harper's shirt up and over her head. She wants her breasts exposed--needs to take the in her mouth. There is no protest.
Harper maneuvers Torrance's tank top off without much effort and releases two beautiful, ripe breasts. The perky nipples are hardened from the activity. Harper takes them between her fingers and squeezes gently. Taking a breast in each hand, she massages them gently.
"Harper," Torrance moans her name. "Harper I want you. Please take me." How can she resist her begging? Harper lifts Torrance up in her arms and kisses her again. She pulls back and looks her in the eyes.
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yes I'm sure. I'm sure I want you so bad I'm about to explode."
Harper quietly takes Torrance into her bedroom. Before she close the bedroom door she looks at the other door where her best friend lay sleeping. Soundly she hopes.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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