(in other words, consider me)

Why didnít you consider me?
Sounds lame
But it's honest
You never knew that I could love you
You saw me in one way and closed me in and sealed me and
Limited what I could be to u
Sounds lame
But it's honest
You said wow you're beautiful
You said wow you're smart
You said wow you're extraordinary and lovely in so many ways
But you never considered everything else
Sounds lame but its honest
When I saw you're heart lying in the mud gasping for air
I wanted to resuscitate it
I wanted to hook you up to my defibrillator and
Watch your heart beat regularly normally
I wanted to see the life in you always
Sounds lame
But it's honest
my thoughts are much antiquated
And I am quite sure that the beauty I see in you is all mines
I'm stingy of it and over protective
I hold you from a distance
So far away you can't even feel it
Sounds lame
But it's honest
And in my honesty
In the innermost parts of my honesty lies
A new selflessness
The kind that is good and productive and needed
You see it but you have no Idea
That I'm a bi-product
Sounds lame but its honest
You have no idea that you kicked me in my chest
You have no idea that I stood there alone
And I took it
And no one ever knew
Not even you
Sounds lame but it's honest
You kicked me everytime I wanted you to look and you didnít
Everytime we shoulda kissed but I just couldnít
Everytime you fell back
I saw your footprint on my chest
I saw your finger prints around my neck
on my dress
Sounds lame but im just being honest here
Because you need to know that I really care
Outside of the norm
Inside of your storm
I welcome myself
Why don't you consider me?

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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