by Ashlei

You see...
there is this thing that weakens in strength,
quantity or quality...
the quality that pleases the senses...
or the mind.
Only few people are affected by this beauty impaired
cause they do not quite understand the significance of this affair
so let me take the time to explain this to you,
so you can feel the full effect behind the reasons of why we do what we do...
cause they will never really understand the beauty of two women.

It's the sensuality of their kiss that clouds your thoughts
it's the smile and the gaze that puts your stomach into knots...
butterfly knots that you cannot untie
until you get the opportunity to feel her inside...
her inside you or you inside her...
whatever it takes to let this thing occur.

This thing is called SHE
S for saving
H for her
E for excitement...
saving her excitement and
hiding her desire
patiently waiting for you to lift her higher...
higher mentally and physically.
Let your words blow her mind
like your tongue teases her clit
pick her up and lay her down
so she can experience this shyt.

Her pussy is throbbing and moist
and the friction of the two bodies is causing heat
heat so hot that...
anything you compare it to can never compete,
cause they will never quite understand the beauty of two women.

Let your fingers run across her lips
as you slide your hand between her hips
Let her ride as your mind reaches exctasy,
I got what i her laying here next to me
Her lips, her breast, her hips and her ass,
and the most beautiful thing that can overpower you in just a glance...
but they will never really quite understand
because their beauty is impaired,
so let us do what we do
and please those who care.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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