by Finus1

Come on gyrl
Stop trippiní
Why you
Me in front
Of your gyrls

Yet in the back
Of your mind
All the time
You thinkiní about me
Tappiní that ass
So good
Make you lose
Your mind
Track of time
Donít front
Play me like
I ainít worth
A dime
Of your time

What you fail
To realize
Itís your mind
Not your behind
That I want
To spend
A dime
Of my time
With you
Not on you
You see the
Intrigue in
My eyes
The sparkle
In my smile
Yeah sure
You foine
Beauty only
Getís you so far
So get down
Off your high horse
Of look at me
Iím so foine
Let a sistah
Step inside
And caress
The beauty
Of your mind

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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