by Intellectual Sunshyne

I’m not tryna make a fuss…
But I truly need a softer touch,
An open heart, eyes, ears and mind.
With secret treasures for me to find,
Someone who’ll show how much she cares,
By offering me her inner-most thoughts on life to share.
To lay in bed with just talking for hrs.
Slowly letting me discover her soul and all its power,
Finger tips that will make me tingle from within...
As they gently caress my skin.
A kiss that goes from my lips down to my hips,
While making sure nothing in between is missed.
Understands what my body needs and why…
And is more than willing to spread my “wings” and make me fly!
Then after driving me completely insane…
Allows me to reciprocate until she says my name!
Giving her all she wants, needs and more,
Simply because she’s the one I adore!
Who wants no label or commitment @ all,
But still makes an effort to e-mail/call.
Who wouldn’t mind falling in love,
But is in no kinda rush.
I truly need a softer touch!

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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