by MsAllison67

When I was very young I wasn't interested in little boys or little girls. My only interest was in playing ball. Being the best that I could be.
As I grew up and feelings, thoughts and desires started in my mind and body. I noticed girls and how attractive they were. However I was told that was wrong. I noticed boys and how attractive they were and wanted to see if they answer the question in my mind.
As I grew up and dealt with boys I enjoyed the hardness of their body. Their feel, their scent and even their taste. I enjoyed the way they entered me and how my body responded. Yet the feeling didn't last. It became boring, unfulfilled, and unsatisfying.
As I grew up and started dealing with women I enjoyed more about them then men. The way their skin felt against mines. The silky feeling as my hand caressed over their bodies inch by inch. The curves of their hips. The fullness of their breast. The way their asses would bounce and shake as they walked.
As I grew up I enjoyed the scent and taste of another woman. The firmness of her breast in my mouth. The feel of her nipple as I sucked it in. My tongue circling her nipple making it harder and harder. I loved the way my touches made her wet. The way she would respond as I licked her body from that sensitive spot on her neck down to the spot right behind her knees.
As I grew up my skills in pleasing a women increased. I learned to lick the lips of her treasure. Suck on them gently. Enough to make her river flow fast, her hips to rise and beg for more. Urging me to take her. To go deep inside her world and give her mind blowing pleasure.
As I grew up I learned to suck and draw her clit into my mouth while my tongue played with her clit. I learned to suck and lick her at the same time. To give her a pleasure like no other person before me. I learned to snake my tongue in and out of her world; to capture her full essence. To savor the taste on my tongue as I hungrily feed on her nectar. Simultaneously pleasing her lips, her clit, and her wet pussy at the same time.
As I grew up I learned to go deep inside her. To become as much a part of her world as humanly possible. To wrap her legs around my shoulders. To let her grab my head and push me deep inside as her hips rapidly rode my tongue. Pumping harder and harder into my face. Pulling me deep and deeper inside of her.
As I grew up I learned to hold her tight. My lips firmly wrapped around her clit as she rode me. Continuing to give her pleasure until her body shivered and shook from ecstasy. Releasing into my open mouth as sweet delicious taste that only a woman and give.
As I grew up I learned to treasure the taste and feel of a woman as she climaxed several times while I'm still inside her.
I learned to respect the gift that I was given by another woman. To always be able to give her pleasure each time better and better then the last.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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