by Being True

If you were wondering if you were on my mind
The answer is most definitely yes.
It seems like I get more lost into you ever since the day
You came around the corner
and I was on that fence.

I'm into you so dangerously
Wish that I could see our destiny
You are my never ending grace
i wear you like an unbreakable embrace

Its you who I want to awake next to
See the sun rise
and stare at the sky so blue.

Looking into your eyes I know that I can rest
Hold me as we wait for the sun to set.

Thought that I had reached the mountain top of happiness
but I was at the bottom of a settled ditch.
You have come along to show me the way and
Between us two my heart thanks you for the lift.

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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