The Lady Scorpian

are you the one of my hearts desire
can you quench my thirst put out my fire
are you that magic womyn
who can make this big azz rise
beyond clouds and milk covered paths
upward and onward
through star sprinkled skies
will you be the one
to swallow my exalted cries
as we venture to the palace of pleasure
where we're free to
implement our every fantasy
every dream beyond measure
after i have sat upon your lap
and ridden you as if bareback
on a wild mare
hips rotatin on your strap
i want you to stand before me
legs open wide
so i can watch hidden treasure
be revealed before my eyes
my fingers and mouth travel higher
into your Forrest of black
and i drink of your nectar
until your jaw falls slack
are you the one baby
would you like that?

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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