Miss Trina

As I wait, patiently, anxiously, and nervously for you to arrive, my heart rate reaches its ultimate high as I think about how you will be touching me in a way that I feared. You know I had a wretched past, and all you wanted to do was make me as comfortable as possible. I hear a knock on my door, and my heart skips a beat, knowing what I was in store for. There you stand at the door with a look of concern on your face, but I didn’t want to waste no time. I pull you to me and I kiss you gently, already feeling the heat beginning to rise. As we made our way toward the bed, you redefined the meaning of 4-play, as you kissed, caressed and licked every inch of my body, with the intentions of relaxing my nerves.

As I lay there with my body trembling in fear and anticipation, you softly whisper in my ear, “Are you sure you want it?” From that my nerves were suddenly calmed. I felt so much trust from you that I knew this is what I wanted, and what I needed, and you were the one to quench that thirst.

I whisper, “Please don’t hurt me.”

You kiss me in agreement. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, awaiting the feeling I had feared for years. You enter my heavenly gates and I hold you tight, letting out a soft moan, expressing the feeling of pain filled with slight satisfaction. You took your time like I wanted you to, respecting the fragile and tenderness of me. Slowly the tears began to roll down my face as I felt like I was being ripped apart. But this time, I don’t want to stop. As you pick up speed, my breath quickens, and my nails dig deeper into your skin, trying to let go of the pain. Then the moment I’ve been waiting for: I explode and you do too. You finally stop and we catch our breaths while I cry and my body shakes. You lay and caress my face, making sure that everything is okay.

After I finally regain consciousness, something inside of me changed. I felt a transformation, like another being was taking over my soul. A sense of control came over me. I turned you over with such aggression and force, that you became shocked and speechless. From you on top of me, to me on top of you, you let me do as I pleased. The heat began to rise as I moved with such rhythm and finesse. Back and forth, up and down, in circular patterns, and fast and slow motion. You held my hips as I rode through paradise. I close my eyes as you massage my insides. How can something so fake feel so real? What I had once thought of as an evil weapon had become a magic wand. Just as you thought I had enough, I whisper in your ear, “I want more.” From that, history was made.

We became explorers of each other’s bodies, both inside and out. We reenacted and recreated positions, which seemed impossible to perform. I pulled your hair and you pulled mine. I began to feel you deeper inside of me. Inch by inch, you entered with more ease, while in another land, your fingers found another entrance to me. As the pleasure began to overwhelm me, I began to call out your name, begging for more. The screams and moans became louder, me not realizing that others may hear me. But the thought of a listening audience only excited me more, heightening my pleasure to such an extreme level.

We were two wet bodies colliding into one another, with the smell of sex and strawberry incense in the air, the sounds of heavy breathing, noise making, and the melody of Maxwell in the background. Our volcanoes erupted and our waterfalls rapidly rushed. And after 3 ˝ hours, my body collapsed and you let go… your body trembled, and I fell fast asleep. That night, I was not the same sweet girl you used to know. That was the night I became your freak.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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