(Two’s company. Is more a crowd?)

Excerpt from A Night In Paradise: They Meet:
A week later, perched at the bar in the Golden Rose restaurant, Portia nervously twirled what little hair she had in her fingers. “What in the hell am I doing here?” she whispered.

Ever since Antonín returned her message over a week ago, they’d talked every single day. Portia quickly grew to love his deep, rich voice, keen intelligence, sharp wit and his masculine charms.

Once she was comfortable with his telephone persona, she agreed to meet him at the Golden Rose for drinks. Located right on Collins Avenue in South Beach, the Golden Rose was one of the most upscale restaurants in all of Miami. The restaurant was known for being dark, discreet and quite removed from the normal bustle of such a popular city.

As she sat there, sipping a cool glass of spring water, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror behind the bar. She wore a soft-black satin mindress, cut so that her shapely legs were on full display. Her short, glossy black hair had small, sexy curls and the back was freshly tapered so that the soft strands gently caressed her neck. Her makeup was simple; she wore rich, gold colors on her eyes, cheeks and lips, making her golden bronze skin gleam.

“He said he’d be wearing a dark business suit with a pink tie. I hope he remembers what I said I’d be wearing.”

Picking up her glass, she took another sip of her ice water. Then all of a sudden, a motion to her right caught her eye. She turned toward that direction and gasped at what she saw.

A stunningly handsome man in a dark blue business suit and a rose-colored tie walked directly toward her with an equally beautiful woman in tow.

The dark gentleman, the color of deep mahogany, was about 6’4”. He stood tall and lean, and his masculine yet gentlemanly presence dominated the entire room.

The woman beside him was absolutely gorgeous. As Portia regarded the Latin woman, it only took a moment for her to decide that this exotic creature was simply heavenly.

The woman’s delicate, fair, buttermilk skin, tinged with just a hint of brown, was warm and radiant and fully represented her Latin heritage. She had long, dark-brown curly hair, with copper and golden highlights, and it framed her soft, pretty face. Her enchanting hazel eyes sparkled with mirth.

The woman wore a fitted gold silk dress with a plunging neckline that revealed firm, rounded breasts. The dress also had a dangerously-high hemline that revealed her sexy, curvy legs. Portia licked her lips at the woman’s outright carnal display of feminine sexuality.

Portia trembled with raw desire as the man stepped right up to her and extended his hand. “Portia?”

She nodded as they shook hands. “Yes, it’s me,” she squeaked.

Then she immediately grimaced, annoyed at how nervous she sounded. However, her discomfort flittered away and was quickly replaced by awe at how attractive and fit the couple was. Portia was so impressed with the exotic twosome that she immediately regretted her initial reluctance. In that moment she sent a silent thanks to the Universe for urging her to answer Antonín’s personal ad.

“Portia! Ciao Bella!” he said, grasping her tiny hand in his large, warm one. “I’m Antonín. And this is Amaya. It’s so nice that you could join us.”

Amaya extended her hand. “You were right, Antonín,” she said in a low, husky voice. “Portia’s a true beauty. Inside and out.”

Portia shivered at her touch. Amaya’s warmth radiated right through her, from her fingertips to her toes. Portia blushed at the raw heat that began to rise in her.

Antonín helped Portia off the barstool, and placed his hand at the small of her back. “Come Portia. I have a table already waiting.”


“So, Portia…tell me a little about yourself,” Amaya asked, her accent thick and her voice husky and filled with passion. “I want to know everything about you, you beautiful creature.”

Before Portia could answer, Amaya unexpectedly reached out and stroked her short hair. “But first, Bella, tell me about your haircut. It’s sunning on you!” Amaya said.

Portia shivered, partly because of Amaya’s new nickname for her, but mostly because of Amaya’s slim fingers touching and teasing her hair. Amaya’s hands teased her silky strands, then began to roam down to caress her neck.

“I…I’ve just always loved short hair,” Portia answered, her body trembling with desire for this seductive woman.

Amaya tilted her head. “Your hair looks like that…Halle Berry, no?”

Portia turned to see Antonín sitting there both amused and aroused at their conversation.

“Yes,” Portia answered. “That’s who I modeled it after.”

Amaya dipped her hands lower to stroke the close cut hair at the nape of Portia’s neck. Amaya smiled, amused at seeing Portia shivering in delight. “Well, you’re a natural beauty,” Amaya said, “just like Halle.”

“Thanks,” Portia blushed.

“Well, go on. Tell me more about you,” Amaya said, still fingering Portia’s soft skin.

Portia cleared her throat and struggled to regain her composure in front of the exotic couple. “I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m self employed.”

“What do you do?” Amaya asked.

“I’m a freelance writer. I work for an online magazine. I’m also working on a novel of my own. My first.” Portia was slightly embarrassed at how open she was about her real life to this total stranger, but she was enthralled by Amaya’s exquisite beauty.

“How nice,” Amaya said as she drew her fingers from Portia’s skin to take a sip of wine. The threesome, now seated at an intimate table in the back of the restaurant, was now in a position to fully evaluate one other.

“But let’s get down to why we’re all really here,” Amaya said, a glint of mischief in her eyes. “Why are you interested in The Paradise?”

“Well, I heard…well, read, about the club online. I was intrigued.”

“You’re looking for a partner to partake in the…festivities? Someone tall, dark and handsome?”

“You mean a man?” Portia shook her head. “No. Not at all. I don’t date men.”

Amaya leaned in close, her fragrance swirling around Portia, captivating her even more. “Do tell. You no like handsome men?” Amaya asked as she gently stroked Antonín’s strong, dark hand.

Portia stared her in the eye. “I prefer beautiful women. Antonín didn’t tell you?”

Amaya was silent as she sat back and took another sip from her wineglass. Then, carefully setting her glass back down, she tossed back her chestnut tresses and fixed a firm gaze right onto Portia.

Portia watched her carefully, but Amaya didn’t show any signs of shock or embarrassment. Finally Amaya spoke. “Do you have a particular type?”

Portia smiled. “I do love Latin women. I love their spirit, their resilience and, especially, their heat.”

Amaya returned her smile. Then she turned to her male companion, who’d been sitting silently watching the passionate interaction between the two women. “Antonín,” Amaya said, “where did you find this beautiful creature? She’s simply amazing.”

“I agree,” he said. “And I’m looking forward to learning even more.”

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