TaShawn Ova King

Why me? Why now? That is all I need is a buncha stuffy shirt auditors nosing around my center. My gyrl downtown just dropped a bug in my ear that the state's cronies are in town and I'm at the top of a very short list
Tee: You are borderline OCD so you know your s*%t tight!
That is my inner stud talking. "Tee" sees me through and helps me "man up" when the going gets tough. Most people have a devil and an angel; I have my inner stud, Tee, on one shoulder and my female intuition on the other. Together we tackle all of life's problems. I say inner stud because I walk that fine line of lablelessness. I'm too tomboyish to be femme, but I'm not tryna be a man either.
But back to the issue at hand, I knew that all the media attention my brainchild community outreach center, The Haven, was garnering would have a downside. After that national network piece aired about the impact our services had on this gang ravaged, drug infested, left for demolishing community, private grants and donations have been pouring in by the thousands. I guess the Commonwealth wants to ensure that I'm not lining my own pockets. But like Tee is reminding me, my ducks (dollar & dimes for that matter) are all in a row. They'll probably be here after lunch, when we are in full swing. That gives me some time to call a quick meeting to inform my staff so they are not flying blind.
I'm back at my desk, after briefing my staff, finishing paperwork when my growling tummy reminds me that I've worked right through lunch. Just then my personal assistant Sadie buzzes me that our guests have arrived. So not only is my stomach dippin' and flippin', my nerves join in jitterbuggin'.
Come on Boss, what's your motto--Neva let'um see you sweat.
With that said I put on my A-game face and prepare to face the wolves. Sadie leads then into my office, and I stand to greet the balding poster child for irritating bothersome auditors who enters first. A mousy tweed suit wearing intern-ish looking young lady follows him. Lawd, that is all I need is someone learning the ropes during my audit, I thought. I was so wrapped up in processing the first two that I just absently reached to shake the third and final auditors hand.
Hmmmm, the touch was soft and delicate and as I turn to take her in, I hear Jill (Scott) break into to, "Let me give it to ya baaaaaabbbyyyy. Gim-me Gim-me"
Damn, Boss, she is Phyne!
I know, don't you hear the music? I am truly a musically inclined soul. It invades every facet of my life. There are play lists when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm hopeless, horny, hungry & any other feeling in between. And right now at the touch of this womyn's hand, one of my favorites starts to play.
Yep, Boss either way you in trouble, cause if this audit don't get'cha, this Phyne woman is.
Her name is Monica James and she is the lead auditor. She introduces the other two and my assumptions were correct. Tweed Girl is indeed an intern and she would just be observing. Balderman has been with the state for a number of years. He'll be inspecting the facility to ensure the complex is up to code and that adult/child ratios are up to par. I continue to take her in, after I finally release her hand. She is 5'9" with black auburn streaked hair pulled into a tight-sophisticated bun, twinkling brown eyes, her chocolaty smooth face is completed with an easy smile. With my 30 years of womyn watching experience, I surmised she was a size 12, 9 1/2 shoe, and 38D. From the fit of her charcoal gray Jones New York suit, I can tell that she was has a bottom fully blessed with black womyn's bountifulness. Again I am proven correct as she walked past the others to take the only remaining seat.
After dispensing with the pleasantries, I give Mr. Clean and Tweedy (who insisted on taking "the tour" since she had caught the network piece) to my assistant director (& very best friend) Melvin Burgess to escort throughout the complex. I introduce him to Ms. James. He gives a firm shake and turns to leave, not before giving me his infamous raised eyebrow. Not a minute later a note comes across my two-way: "I want all the chats about that sweet thang in your office cause it's written all over you face that that you are already gon' M.B."
I smile, switch it to silent and prepare to get down to business. Even if nothing comes of this, I want to enjoy this chocolate dream that sits before me with no interruptions. I'd already instructed Sadie to hold all my calls and reschedule any appointments.
Boss, you not playin'. Nope, I'm sure not.
Monica (as she insists I call her & I tell her T, short for Teri, works for me) reads off a list of documents, forms, and files that she needs to review and I find them with ease. "I'm impressed, you can't imagine the mess I find when I conduct most audits. Paper work is so unorganized, missing or incomplete. It's nice to come across one that is in order."
We pour over the documents and she has a question here and there. I find myself watching her work, admiring the way her forehead crinkles when she's "ciphering" as my granny would say. By now the sleeves of my button-down are rolled up and she has removed her suit jacket to reveal a black silk shirt that hugs her 38s just right. She is wearing Boss for Women, one of my favorite fragrances to smell on a woman. (Boss you are one freak. I know). I return to my paperwork, when I realize that she too is watching me.
"You must go through some pens?" she remarks about my habit of nibbling on my pen top while I work
"Yeah," I say. "I'm somewhat territorial, nibbling on my pen ensures that no one will steal it."
"Hmmm that's an intriguing way of looking at your oral fixation."
Did she just say oral fixation?
"Oral Fixation?"
"You know what? These numbers are starting to run together. Let's take a break," Monica suggests.
"That's a good idea, I can have them bring something over from the cafeteria, but I have some fruit, juice and bagels here in the fridge. I'm not trying to keep you here longer then necessary."
"Apple juice and a bagel is fine, and maybe I want to be kept here for a while."
Boss, I know that you can be oblivious to situations such as this, but I think that this phyne chocolate drop is flirtin' wit you.
"Is that so?" How original, boss. "Well, I can certainly see why someone wouldn't want to leave the company of such a beautiful woman." That's better.
I don't know how I manage to put together a tray during our exchange but she seems impressed, I slide my chair next to hers and we make our selections. Inadvertently, we both reach for the strawberry cream cheese, being the gracious host. "I'm sorry you're my guest."
She proceeds to generously slather a bagel with the creamy substance, licking the small bit that falls onto her fingers. Then she replies, "Well let me show you my appreciation."
She rises slightly from her chair and leans forward (Hmm, boss those tig ole bitties look soft as cotton.) and places the bagel to my lips. I look into her eyes as they beg me to taste and I oblige. The usually sweet spread was even sweeter coming from her hands.
"Thank you," I reply as I swallow her offering. I lean forward and stroke her soft face and place a tender kiss on her cheek.
"Do you know that I was taken by your beauty when you walked in my office?" I whisper in her ear. "I would continually go through this grueling audit if it meant I would blessed with you presence everyday." I feel her sliding forward in her chair, thus pushing me back into mine. "You have this air of power and sophistication that has me intrigued in more ways then one." By now I am pinned as Monica straddles my armless task chair. Just the feel of her luscious booty in my lap has my body tingling, but I must remain in control.
Yeah boss, she feelin good but this is where we do our best work. Let's finish what she started in a way that she'll never forget.
I kiss her earlobes as I run my hands up and down her back. I love the feel of her silk blouse, and she seems to be enjoyin' the mini massage as she tilts her head back and softly moans. I take the opportunity to place kisses on her neck and chest. The sweet aroma rising from her full bosom is inviting me to take a taste. I place my lips on her swell and my tongue takes over. I leave a trail leading to her erecting nipples. I lick and nibble at the forms beginning to stretch the fabric of her silk blouse.
I moan as my hands grip her assets for the first time. Her cakes are soft and I would love to take a nap or two there. I ease her closer and find myself nose deep in her chocolate covered mounds. Her arms come to rest on my shoulders and she begins to run her fingers through my hair and rub my neck. I have to remember to give C.C., my stylist an extra special tip for not letting me break my last appointment...
She playin' wit fire now chief, cause that's our spot. If she playin' she need to stop now, cause we fittin' to kick it into high gear.
As I unbutton her shirt, her nipples are at full attention in her sheer bra. "You like the feel of silk on your skin, that's why you wearing this barely there bra."
"You got me," she responds.
"I noticed when you took off your jacket, I'm not the only one with a fetish, or as you say it fixation."
"Well why don't you nibble these and make them part of your territory."
Not one to deny a beautiful womyn's wish, I totally undo her shirt and begin to nibble and suck her hard nipples. Her moans become louder and she begins to rotate her hips in my lap. By now her skirt has risen, exposing her sexy thigh highs and bra matching sheer panties. My hands follow my tongue's lead and begin to explore more of Ms. James' body. Her thighs offer the same inviting softness as her booty and as I move my hands I feel the building heat emanating from her core. I run my fingers along the edge of the panties feeling her soft pubic hair.
I pause my oral assault on Monica's breast to look into her eyes to ensure that she's cool with where this ride is about to go. Our eyes lock and in response to my unspoken question, she moves her lips to mine . The soft and sensual kiss quickly sky rockets to a tongue wrestling frenzy. The kiss, along with the fact I can feel the heat from her sweet spot through my Polo slacks, are giving me the answer that I want and need to hear. I lift my 6' cuddly caramel teddy bear frame from the chair, cause we gonna need more space for the next phase of this ride. Monica, not missing a beat wraps her sexy thigh high clad legs around my waist. Through the squawk box, I inform Sadie that we will be moving to the conference room "Could you please inform my colleagues that once they 're done, they can report back downtown," Monica chimes in. "I'll collect their reports tomorrow."
Of course my right hand had no problems or questions. Once she told Burgess he would know I wouldn't want to be disturbed. The smaller conference room had no windows and was only accessible from my office. It was nicely decorated with a long (sturdy) mahogany table and eight comfortable conference chairs. But best of all this interior room is soundproof (proven true by the numerous noisy staff meeting held here).
After giving our instructions we return to our lip lock and I carry us into the dimly lit room. I close the door, set the surround sound to play list #8 (a plethora of my favorite female vocalist). and set the thermostat ('cause it's about to get warm in here) all before I lay Ms. James on the highly glossed table.
"Hmmm smooth, are all your guest treated like this?" Monica states wit a hint of 'tude.
"If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail," I retort. "I just never know and I like to stay prepared." With that her 'tude fades to black and she wraps her arms around my neck.
"..good lovin, plenty of it, I remise on your sweet kiss and how we use to do our thing..." flows from the speakers.
"O-kay, Ms. Trina Broussard, you all right, don't too many people know about her." Monica gleefully states, "Take a seat, let me show you something."
Again not one to disobey a womyn's orders, I take a seat. She begins to sway to the sensual slow rhythm not missing a beat. She removes the chopsticks holding her bun, and her streaked locks fall to her shoulders. She begins a strip tease that I'm sure this room has never seen and would never witness again. She wiggles out of skirt and stands atop the table in her matching panty set and thigh highs. It takes every fiber in my being not to move from this chair, but she is really into her dance. As Trina fades to Mary's "I'm The Only One You Need" (a classic from the forever rockable My Life album) Monica kicks the dance up a bit. She unfastens her bra and her pert mounds tumble forth...I lick my lips involuntarily awaiting a chance to nibble them again. By the time Mary asks "Are you gonna hold this against me for life?" Monica steps free of her sheer panties and tosses them into my lap.
Go head Boss, you know you want to smell'um.
I do. The aroma from the silk crotch tells me that Ms. James has been enjoyin' this ride as much as me. Only her sexy thigh highs remain. Monica sashays to the end the table and sits in front of me extending her long chocolate limbs. "Can you help me with these?" Following directions has not failed me yet and I am rewarded as I remove the silky nylons with smooth, pretty pedicured feet.
Time to do what we do best.
I drop the nylons amongst the other discarded articles. Pausing, I take in all of Ms. James, before I place soft kisses on her lovely feet. I start with her left and suck each beautiful digit in ascending and descending order. I treat the right to the same lavish pampering. I move from her toes to her ankles, leaving a trail of kisses as I go. The inviting fragrance from Monica's sweet spot let's me know that the moans that escapes her mouth are not just to make me feel good. As I slowly continue my tease, she begins to murmur that she needs to feel those kisses there. She needs to feel me there.
I quickly make my way up her supple thighs, her sweet nectar drawing me closer. My tongue meets her throbbing clit and it's better then a tall glass of grape Kool-Aid on a hot July day. I run my tongue the length of her lips and taste her salty-sweet wetness. Monica's clit is so suckable, but I resist the urge for a moment as I long to taste and feel her sugar walls.. I tease her hole before I dive in. I dip my tongue in and out of her spot in an exaggerated french kiss that drives her wild.
Monica's hips catch the rhythm of my tongue and our dance is dirtier then any thing Patrick Swayze could have imagined. Not missing a step, I quickly let my fingers do the walkin' as my tongue wants to do some talkin' with Monica's now swollen clit. My fingers quickly find her spongy g-spot and massage it, as my tongue wraps it self around her juicy clit. They fall into a matching pace, as my free hand joins in massaging her rock hard nipples.
Monica, moaning and sweating, rests on her hands so that she can fully enjoy the entire length of my fingers. She is making me wish that I traveled with Sampson (my thick 10 inch chocolate dyck), but it's not like this happens everyday. And from the moisture slowly pooling in the palm of my hand, she is enjoying this just the same. We move into a rhythmic pattern akin to the quiet before the storm and we are both giving our all to bring the rain.
"Yes, Yes, right there. Hmm, Teri, right therr," dances on my ears. Monica knows how to make a boi put in work. Her walls grip my fingers and I know that her release is imminent. She stops, like that last lick was tag and she is it. Her vice grip tightens, her breathing momentarily ceases. "Baby, I'm cummmminnnng." I quicken my pace and her juices flow like the Niagara. I devour her tasty as I am face deep in clit, ass & pussy. I lap her creamy release as she extends her arms and falls spent on the table.
"Ms. James you should get a patent--slurp--and market this--slurp. You're sweeter then Nestle."
Yummi, yummi, yummi, chief got da tasty in her tummy. You made a boi proud. I'm a roll out cause my work here is done.
"I don't wanna be wrong but it feels right," floats from the speakers "If lovin' you is so wrong, I don't wanna go on. It feels good, soooo good sooo good soooo good." Davina sings my thoughts as I lift my head from my newfound haven.
Monica is still, but for the slight rise of her chest and the sporadic after O trembles. The air around us is heavy with the tantalizing mix of her Boss, my Cool Water and sweet musky sex. Maybe that can change to hot butt naked sex in the near future. That is, if regret and what-the-fuck-did-I-just-do thoughts aren't running rampant in her head.
I lift myself from the chair and place soft kisses along Monica's body starting at her navel, until I find myself just above her beautiful face. Monica stirs as she moves to wrap her arms around my waist through my now open shirt. Her warm body feels great against my skin. Our embrace is warm and tender, as Monica nuzzles against my neck, although I am still unsure of her state of mind.
"Did you enjoy that?" I break the silence
"The body can't lie." Monica states as her finger graze her honey pot and come to rest on my lips. I lick until her finger is nectar free. We kiss and Monica hungrily sucks my tongue, sharing the traces of her that remain.
As "please touch me like this, please hold me like this" Brandy's sexy singsongy beggin' fades to "....gimme me some peaches & cream, gimme me that sugar sweet baby." Monifah's sexy foreplay mantra, I realize that we're about 20 songs into my play list.
"Sweetness, I think we may be missed," I whisper as we return to our early mode of movement. She wraps her arms and legs around me as I carry her to my private adjoining bathroom. We kiss again as she moves toward the glass-enclosed shower. I return to the scene of our sex-capade gathering Monica's clothes. And although a cleaning crew comes through three times a week, I wipe down the table and kick the automatic deodorizer up a notch. The perceived low man on the totem pole is usually the keeper of all the secrets and I'm not tryna' add any to the ones that float around here.
I fold Monica's clothes and take them to the bathroom, even as the steams fills the room, her sexy silhouette teases me as I watch her wash her body free of our afternoon romp. "You see something you like?" she asks over the steam
"I thought I already made that clear earlier," I snap back.
"And that you did, that you did," she says as she steps from the haze of the steamy shower. I enfold her silky wet body in one of my favorite bath towels and began drying her. "Aren't you the perfect gentlewomyn?"
"I try, I really do." I see the how-did-you-know surprise in her eyes as I massage Boss for Women body lotion over her moist body. I chuckle. "My nose has never failed me."
Wrapping the package, in my freak handbook, is just as fun as unwrapping it. From the bra & panties, to the thigh highs, even to the slight pop of the collar, it was my pleasure to dress Ms. James. She reciprocates, buttoning and tucking my shirt, letting her hands linger on my basketball booty.
"It is as soft as it looks," she says as she squeezes, like it says Charmin on the seat of my Polo's. I blush and I know that she can feel the heat from my cheeks (both sets). "I'll explore further tomorrow, after dinner." She releases me and walks towards the mirror to retouch her make-up.
Guess I don't have to worry about her having regrets, I think to myself.
"What is that smile for?" she asks as she bushes the M A C honey bronze lip glass across her full lips.
"I'd have never thought that this day would end like this. I was a nervous wreck when I learned you all were coming today. I was blindsided when you walked into my office, and if someone told me that I'd be feasting on the sweetest nectar this side a glory, I'd have dismissed them faster then a classroom of teenagers in black trench coats." Monica doubles over in laughter." What, and there's at least a part two. I'm smiling cause this fairy tale ain't ova."
Sadly, I head toward the sink to wash away any scent of Monica that remains on my face and hands. We both emerge from the conference room and return to our respective places. Sadie informs me that I have no messages and the other auditors have gone. Monica doodles a little more, as I stare in awe that this is the same womyn who not twenty minutes ago was naked on my conference table.
"Ms. Scott everything here is in order. Unless there are some disparaging findings among the other reports I see, The Haven is getting our very highest score," Monica states professionally.
"I, along with my entire staff and the people of this fine community, thank you." We stand to shake, and as our hands meet.
"Whatever it is you came to teach me, I am here to learn cause I believe that we are written in the stars. I don't know what the future holds, but I am living in the moment."
Monica joins india.aire's serenade about her beautiful surprise that flows from my small desk system. Our shake elevates to a slow close dance, and when the short number ends, we kiss and Ms. James walks towards my office door.
"I'll call you about dinner tonight, and yes I have the number--got a personal card off your desk after I sent the others on there way." She winks and leaves, giving me a personal hip-shaker show as she sways down the hall.

THE BEGINNING....cause this is far from over.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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