I hope this greeting finds you in good health and great spirits. Im in the midst of taking a hot bath and of course my thoughts are of you, mainly due to the hot, wet water. As I step from the tub I notice that Im wet--not from the water but from thoughts of you and us. I decide to close my eyes and allow myself a what if moment.

What if...

As I exit my bath I notice you watching me. You look so intense, it's as if you can read my mind. As I begin to dry myself off you motion without words for me to come closer. You whisper to me, Id prefer to have you as you are...wet. I shiver as your so sincere and sexy voice talks to my entire body . . . and it listens. As we stand in the middle of the bathroom, both of us wearing just each other we kiss a very passionate kiss. Each smack has a meaning and I consciously feel our tongues mingling.
I pause long enough to say to you that your presence has changed my life and brought light where darkness once was. I hold you tight and whisper the words I love you You look me directly in my eyes and mouth the words show me. I immediately take on the challenge. Considering the love that I feel for you showing you will be no problem.
I lead you to the bed, trembling as if I had never made love to you before. The reaction is not from fear but rather the excitement of being able to please you, as I know I will. I sit you on the corner of the bed and I kneel down on my knees in between your legs. We gaze into one another eyes and communicate without words. Your eyes say an affirming I love you doc and mine gaze back and say, Im loving you too.
I gently kiss your lips over and over and we abruptly engage in a very passionate kiss. I exit your mouth and run my tongue to your eyelid (I know you like that). You let me know you feel me by your moans of passion. They arouse me greatly. I go down to your neck as my hands gently prime your already erect nipples. I find my way down to your breast and gently circle your nipple with my tongue. You shiver anticipating my next move. I begin to gently bite the tip of your nipple, gently enough to derive a pleasure-pain feeling. You feed me like a baby while Im still in a kneeling position.
I take my time sucking and licking and biting, knowing that you are slowly preparing yourself for me. I feel my wetness trickle down my inner thigh. This excites me and I feel you even stronger. I slowly graze my finger over your love box and, as I expected, you have prepared dinner for me. Although it takes a lot of restraint on my part I continue on my original course. I run my tongue in between your breast and slowly down the mid section of you body. You moan as I place my hand softly on your chest and motion for you to recline into a prone position. With your feet still positioned on the floor I spread your legs apart, making way for what promises to be passion at its best. I gently kiss and suck your inner thighs as you fight the feeling that shoots to your center part.
I continue to drip anticipating the pleasure I will derive from tasting your sweet juices. My love for you is so obvious at this point. The words show me ring out loud in my mind just before I submerge my lips onto your wet pussy. You are so extremely wet and the taste is as I thought it would be; sweet to the taste and to the smell. I slowly cascade my tongue up and down your love box. I hear you sing to me with your unspoken words. I gently suck your clitoris, which I can feel pulsating. You taste so good, Im prepared to settle down and make myself at home. I run my tongue to your opening and enter you.... You shiver. I swoop my tongue as if Im attempting to suck and lick you dry.
Without proper warning I enter you with your two favorite fingers. The passion has taken hold of us and our moans fill the room. The echo heightens the passion. I move my fingers around in you feeling my way around. You continue to squirm making sure you dont venture too far. My only mission tonight is to show you how much I love you. Our bodies speak to one another being certain to express what we are feeling at the moment. You let me know that youre feeling good and you dont want me to stop. I too am pleased and have no plans of stopping. You continue to remain lubricated and I too am dripping wet.
In a very quick motion I go in and out of you and suddenly exit, immediately taking all of you into my mouth where I plan to take you there. Your clitoris is swollen to capacity and feels good in my mouth. I slowly and gently caress you with my tongue. You moan with approval and almost immediately you release what we have worked cum. You gather enough energy to crawl completely on the bed. Without words I know what you want and I give it to you.
I position my legs in between your legs and without hesitation I place my wet temple on your pulsating one. You grab me tightly and we begin the love dance. My movements are precise and you are in perfect synch. You watch me as I recite my love for you. The look you give says so much. Never have I felt so emotionally overwhelmed with positive and loving feelings. Although you are in the midst of your aftermath you continue to be unselfish and stay with the job until completion. In the sexiest voice Ive ever heard, you say, Cum for me, Baby.
Im not used to you speaking so the request is taken seriously. I continue to dance our dance. I make several moves and the ultimate is near; I literally feel my clitoris swell. My eagerness to please you takes me to the top of the mountain and as I begin to cum down I scream your name. I sing to you just the way you like it. You have your eyes directly on me and you have this huge grin on your face. I manage to catch my breath long enough to inquire about the look. You look at me with those sexy eyes of yours and say, You forgot to dry off.... youre all wet. We laugh as I snuggle up next to you. We promise to always be just like we are now.

Loving you always,

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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