by UcAnTLaBeLmE

I hear them arguing
It's not the first time
My heart pulls one way
While my body follows my mind
Me, I just go along for the ride

Looked in the mirror
But my reflection wasn't there
She left about two weeks ago
Said she was tired of my bullshit
Turned her back
Made a right
After that she disappeared

Now all I see is the hollow remains
Of a lost soul
Windows tinted in a blood red
Curtains wet from the constant flow
Of early morning rains

I was on my way
Took a short cut
Missed my turn
And ended up here
Inhaled love
Now I exhale pain
The kind that makes death seem sane

The sun never rises
Darkness no longer shadows my fears
I am a product of broken promises
And dreams
Built from the ground up on lies
And deceit

Stranded between where I started
And where I'm really suppose to be
Struggling to find my portion of peace
That was stolen from me
Worn tatters of my former self
I am all that remains

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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