by Shariden Ridges

Buttered scotch colored skin and caramel colored eyes,
round plump breasts and spreadable tattooed thighs.
Soft, supple, kissable lips,
and perfectly curved feminine hips.
A walk that would make any stud fall to her knees,
the moves that will satisfy, but rather just tease
6 ft tall and thikk as thikk could get
a juicy, sweet, pussy that stays warm and wet
a smile that would mesmerize
and a voice that can hypnotize
intelligent, humorous, sophisticated, witty,
beautifully talented, full of class, sassy and not afraid to get gritty.
Independent, self sufficient, and have always held my own,
but not so cokky to the point that i can't respect my king when she sits at
her throne.
Not only am i beautifully talented, i am talented beautifully
but see thats just the beginning of the description of me.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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