by Haven

In bathroom stalls I tasted her sugar coated walls.
In clothing stores she’d make me beg for more.
On beaches and in oceans I felt her vaginal secretions.
When she flowed I drank her like Capris Suns.
On her bed, in a river of rose pedals, she fused her body into mine.
When we were making love, there was no such thing as time.
We fucked so much to the point where I still smelled
like her after passed hours.
We made love in everytime we took a shower.

In movie theaters my hand slid up her thigh.
In a food court she’d bite my neck as a pleasent surprise.
In changing rooms she’d grind aganst my face.
She’d squeeze my ears so my tongue could quicken its pace.
Under lifeguard posts, we’d roam every inch of each other.
And I loved how she’d rock slow during stormy weather.
On the metro train she’d scream and strangers would turn their heads.
At Bayside I’d be the one to follow and she was the one who led.
In so many public places parents would cover their children’s ears.
Only because she decided not to put on underwear.
On ferris wheels, bumper cars...what fun.

We explored every possible position because I knew she was the one.
In haunted houses her moans were masked by other’s screams.
No matter where we were her fluids flowed like a stream.
She dug her nails into my back when I hit it too hard.
She sucked her teeth when I took her too far.
Her legs and arms wrapped around me while I fingered
her on a restaurant’s bathroom sink.
With one last grind as she climaxed her head laid on my shoulder.
As she whipped off beads of sweat I’d hold her.
Her hold was strong as her body laid against my own.
No matter where I went she was my home.
But now our adventures have ended,
We’ve gone down to the level of friendship.
And of course it’s her smile that I miss so much.
And the way I melted at her touch.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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