by EyeThghtUKnew

so many things about her... I adore
uncanny similarities of personality
conversation is never a chore
in her arms, I can spend eternity
in her eyes I experience my heart's demise
she awakened me, introduced so much
I had to rewrite my biography
had to sit down and converse with my mind
never been so impressed in such a short time
I like her persona and her mind is definitely clever
I have to smile at some of her endeavors
she makes me open my eyes to life
a vacation from thoughts of strife

she wrote a poem on my heart
and sang a song to my mind
mutual attraction and respect from the start
sometimes you don't receive what you desire

but occasionally you win it all and can retire

I want to be her present...her heart's beat
defend any attempt at her defeat
her words make me weak
I gave her a map for whatever she seeks
its truly amazing and surprising
we found each other without searching
and I thought my mind was closed
but her key fits perfectly

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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