by PridePatriot

I am three times the minority
Under close watch of authority

Uncontrollable sensation
Forbidden by occupation
Irresistible temptation
Unduly familiar relation

Camouflaged pride
Attraction I hide

Revealing this crush could flatter
Or disgust, and my heart and world would shatter
I haven’t acted, so your mere knowledge shouldn’t matter

The need to be cryptic you might not follow
This coded message’s meaning hollow

You think, ‘Why must I have an admirer I can not see?’
My sistah, they’d rather you have relations with a white man than have relations with me

I don’t intend to put either of our careers on the line
But I confess, given the chance I’d make you mine

And still there’s the fact
I don’t know if you’re even like that

Therefore, I see you every day
And each time I only turn and walk away

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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