by PridePatriot

This beautiful black queen
Some find her dominant style obscene

Her confidence so strong
Against attitudes so wrong
That her image doesn’t belong
Fuck them, It sure as hell turns me on

I sense she’s trying to figure me out
But I sabotage indications of interest leaving her to doubt

I stalk and I stare
Then when she’s looking, pretend she’s not even there.
She is unaware that I’d welcome her advances with care

To her my sexuality remains an enigma
As I fight to avoid its public stigma

I’ve convinced myself that in this profession
My prudence is needed for both our protection

Still, I dream of dropping to my knees and worshiping this beautiful black queen
Parting her legs and her lips to pleasure the pearl in-between

I have thoughts of yielding control as she penetrates
And ideas even deeper, could we be soulmates?

My arrogance creeps in. What gentlewoman wouldn’t want this officer?
In my mind she’s my admirer
But in reality’s eyes it is I who admire her

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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