Rayne T. Marzett

_____I wish there was some sort of support group for what this woman puts me through. I find myself totally addicted to her. I donít know what it is about her to be exact, but I know that I often find myself waking up in the middle of the night touching myself thinking itís her. Sometimes I can go days, but never weeks without seeing her. I try and fight it, but itís no use. I give in to that craving and call her up. Be it three in the morning or high noon; she comes just to give me what I want. Ready and willing to satisfy this urge that drives me mad. I once tried to convince myself that it wasnít me doing these things, but my pussy instead. It was using me to get to her. She had put some kind of curse on me so that sporadically my pussy would start to throb and swell. Sending me into a nympho type rage that only she knew how to calm. But I came to my senses and realized that it was just my addiction to her making me feel this way.
_____There is something about how she does my body. Itís not what she does. Canít be, because Iíve had the same things done hundreds of times and never once before did I get these cravings. Something about the way her fingers set fire to my every nerve ending as she glides them over my body makes me shiver from the very thought. She can be as smooth and sensual as a Maxwell song, or rough and kinky like some Prince type stuff. Just all depends on my moods and me. She does it whenever, wherever, and whatever I want it to be like. All I have to do is tell her what Iím wanting and how much and she takes care of the rest. Leaving me totally fulfilled until that next craving comes around and I need another hit of her. My little sex machine is what I call her.
_____I remember one night about two oíclock in the morning I called her and told her to come by. She took all of ten minutes. Way too long for someone that was in the condition that I was in. I was already naked, wet, and ready for what she had to give me. When she walked into my bedroom I was masturbating with a fever that demanded attention. I was on the edge of an orgasm when she demanded that I stop touching myself. I did as she told me and placed my hands behind my head. She took her time undressing and sat next to me on the bed. She leaned over me and whispered, ďYouíve been a bad girl I see.Ē And I knew then it was her show. She used silk scarves to tie my hands to the headboard. I bit my lip as she licked my ear and neck, draining all the blood in my brain and sending it to throbbing pussy. She toyed with me biting and sucking my nipples, sending chills throughout my body in small waves of pleasure. While she teased my nipples with her mouth and left hand I felt her right hand slowly descending down my body; almost asking for permission to part my legs. I spread wide for her to have everything she wanted so she could give me what I fiend for.
_____She kissed me deeply and started to massage my wetness. I rocked my hips to the slow up and down motions she made across my lips. I thrust forward trying to get her fingers to slip inside me and touch my swollen clit, but she wouldnít budge. She stopped kissing me long enough to return to my neck and ear, then slide her middle finger inside me as her other fingers spread my lips wide. I was hardly breathing and letting audible words fall from my mouth that I couldnít seem to close. Lawd, what this woman does to me. She felt just like I had been dreaming, planning, and craving all these three days. I began to get that tingle in the pit of my stomach as she did figure eights and every now and then slip further inside my wetness to tap out a tune on my g-spot. I managed to let her know that I was going to cum just as she placed her finger stilling my clit and keeping me from another orgasm. My heart was beating a mile a minute, and the heat coming off my body was causing the mirror above my bed to do some serious fogging.
_____She licked a trail from my neck to my lip, back down my neck on the other side to my chest. Tracing the sweat down between my breasts rolling over my stomach. I couldnít wait any more. I pleaded with her in a tone I didnít even know was possible and she said alright girl. She placed each one of my legs over her shoulders and parted me with her tongue. I remember my shoulders hunching over as she sucked what seemed to be the life out of me. Between her excellent oral skills and her playing with my g-spot I was sure to squirt all over her face. My hips began to buck wildly and she grabbed my thighs holding me steady as I spilled my juices for her. It felt so good but I never thought it would end. I kept having one after another after another.
_____After awhile she untied my hands and told me she wasnít done with me yet. All I could mutter was shit as flipped me over on my knees. She smacked my ass and I felt that tingle return again. ďOhh Shit!Ē She had me arch my back and raise my hip slightly, and I knew I was done for after that. She started with slow shallow strokes that made my eyes roll completely to the back of my head. As the strokes became more rapid they got deeper. I have no idea how she does it, or even knows where to find itÖbut she hit my spot every time sending me further into that dark abyss that I never want to leave. I felt the tears start running down my face. Not because she was hurting, but because it felt so fucking good. She leaned over me to nibble on my shoulder blade, and rub my clit with the same speed as her strokes. The spasms hit me like bricks and I collapsed face first into my pillows. She asked me was I done and I couldnít even say yes. She needed no answer cause she knew that I had had enough, and my fix for a while.
_____She goes to the kitchen to get me an ice pack because if I donít get one the poor kitty stays wet and swollen for a couple hours. Walking and closing my legs are a big no no also. Like I say...I donít know what it is about her. But whatever it is I donít think I can live without for very long. I know that itís just sex, but I donít know anyone that can do it better. And if I did I would surely stay away from them, because one addiction is all I can handle. I think I need to make a phone call.
The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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